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Broken rear window defroster terminal

'05 Mercedes CLK500 (W209) I have a broken rear window defroster post. Is there a product I can use to solder/weld/join the mostly broken tab coming from the windshield grid, into the female connector?...
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I Dropped My Phone In My Windshield Vent

So I was driving and trying to use the gps on my phone at the same time, so I thought "Maybe if I sit it here, I can see the directions and the road." I then proceeded to DROP my phone into ...
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Turning on rear defroster makes idle RPM stutter

I have an e46 BMW and I recently noticed a problem which hasn't occurred before. While at a stop if I turn on the rear window defroster I notice that the engine idle RPM starts to stutter (goes down a ...
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'09 VW Tiguan - Fixing broken wiring on the rear defroster

So I took my Tiguan in for routine maintenance for the first time since buying it used 6 months ago. I've noticed that the rear defroster doesn't work so I mentioned that to the mechanic when I ...
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Defogger not working?

The rear defogger of i20 does not function. The following has been well tested with the 2 connectors detached from the BCM unit. Shows continuity when rear defogger switch is pressed. Relay clicks ...
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Remove defrost vent for ford focus 2016 SE

I have difficulties in removing front defrost vent grills for ford focus SE 2016 because some small gravel(stones) Slipped into it. i tried to pull it but didn't work. i didn't find any clips or ...
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How to determine if mirrors on Honda Fit are being heated?

According to the manual for my 2013 Honda Fit, the button for the rear windshield defoggers also heat the side mirrors. Is there any way to confirm that the side mirror heating is actually working? I ...
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Can you "warm up" an electric car in icy weather?

I'm in New England, and the latest snow/sleet/ice storm just left four inches. I did what I usually do with my two conventional gas cars: start them, move them to the street, clean off most of the ...
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06 Impala LT rear defrost doesn't work

The fuse is good and the connection at the rear window appears to be connected. The light on the dash controls comes on but the ice or snow doesn't melt at all.
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Hand brake freezes and defroster seems nonfunctional after flood remediation

I provide a lot of context for my questions. For the bottom-line-up-front, please skip down to the specific questions section. Background My car was parked in a 3rd level sub-basement, which was ...
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How to repair a broken rear window defroster grid?

I have 2012 Volvo S40. At some point, something has scrapped against the window and broken a few of the grid lines. The result is that part of the defroster grid does not work. Most of the window does ...
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Programmatically defrost car windows?

It would be most convenient to find a way to defrost car windows programmically (using a timer and switch). Remote starts don't seem to have the functionality to programmatically schedule a start ...
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Rear Window Defogger with only one terminal

Does the rear window defogger only work with both side terminals connected? I observed that one of the terminal of my rear window is broken, so is it that now it wont even defog half of the screen? ...
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leaving the rear defroster on constantly

So the front defroster of my vehicle seems to work by blowing air up at the window. The rear defroster seems to work having a bunch of wires that run the length of the window. My question is... would ...
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Chrysler Voyager 1997 - How to run defrost without automatic switch on the AC?

Is it possible to run defrost without automatic using the switch on the air conditioning? If so, how can I do this?
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