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Mopar running bulb socket doesn't fit any new LED bulbs I buy

I've got a 2014 Jeep Compass and this uses Mopar sockets for the running daylight bulbs (part 68191950AA). They look like this: What I don't know for sure is exactly what model bulbs are meant to ...
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One of my daytime running lights don’t work In the day time but in the night time it turns on

I have a 2017 Camaro and one my DRL doesn’t light up in the day but works in the night time perfectly fine. Also if I switch my lights to Manual they both turn on but the bad one isn’t as bright
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Why don't manufacturers also produce "day-time running" tail lights?

I see a lot of vehicles on the road at night that have no tail lights on. From countless observations I've made, this is usually due to the vehicle having decently bright daytime running headlights (...
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MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door Hatch, one side DRL/Parking light sometimes on, sometimes fail to turn on

It's a MINI Cooper 2014, 5 door hatchback. I have my front bumper replaced after an accident. And after I got my car back, I noticed that, sometimes, not every time, the front right side Daytime ...
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2001 Toyota Highlander Limited DRL not working

I have tried the 7.5A fuse and the three relays without any success. What am I missing? What else could it be? The lightbulbs work. I’m out of ideas! They stopped working after a new battery was ...
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What are Daytime Running Lights for?

I'm looking to buy a car for the first time, and I see the option to have a Daytime Running Lights. What are they for, and do I need them? I live in Los Angeles, where the the two seasons that do ...
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