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The instrument panel providing information and warnings to the driver.

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Dashboard lights dim when I step on accelerator

[Car: 2001 Kia Sephia, ~107,000 Miles] I just got a new alternator put in my car, plus had a lot of other work done. Now I notice my lights are dimming on the dashboard when I step on accelerator and ...
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How do I remove this old cassette stereo? (2002 Mercedes Sprinter)

I'm wanting to replace this old cassette-based stereo system. I can't see any obvious way to unhook, unscrew, dismantle or remove it. I have the correct Haynes manual, but the instructions there ...
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2012 Chevy Traverse Broken Latch on the dashboard storage compartment

The latch on my 2012 Chevy Traverse broke and I need a new one, I'm being told, they don't have just the latch, that I have to replace the entire dashboard that includes this storage bin which is ...
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2015 Honda Accord Dashboard lights won't turn off after draining the battery

I'm a fairly new driver and I have zero knowledge of cars in general, today I made the mistake of sitting in my car with the ignition on but the motor not running, thus causing the battery to die. ...
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Toyota Axio 2007 Melted Dashboard

I have Toyota Corolla Axio 2007 (Japan Domestic Model - DBA NZE141) and the dashboard has the melting issue. I have several places here that repairs the dashboard by removing the existing melted ...
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Clicking noise when stopping and accelerating. AC issue?

I drive a 2014 Corolla LE. Whenever I accelerate or brake, I get a tap or a click from within the dashboard near the center vent area. It happens when... I accelerate from a stop. I just tap the ...
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Can I adjust or repair this ventilation setting dial which won't stay in place?

I have a 2012 Subaru Impreza. The knob which sets where the vents are directed refuses to stay in the leftmost setting (which directs air to the upper vents only). It can be turned that far manually ...
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Altima 2017 S outside tempreture stuck on -40F

Can someone tell me what is the location of sensor? Or what's the issue?
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Dash board, centre console, radio controls and fuel, temperature gauges

Holden Commodore VE Omega 2013 Sport wagon Dash board, centre console light not working. Fuel, temperature gauges not working This just happened after the battery was disconnected to replace the ...
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Driver Information Display Brightness Reversed

2016 Dodge Dart Rallye This is something I have never encountered before, and can't find much info on. The Driver Info Display brightness started acting up after heavy braking in snow on hills (not ...
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Can I install GPS navigation system in Nissan B15?

I'm somewhat sedan enthusiast, and while I'm working in some asian countries, I've got my attention on little old Nissan Sunny car. model name is B15 Sunny. This is the wikipedia link I found for the ...
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After querying RPM and fuel, OBDII is lighting all my dashboard lights

I'm using OBDII and after querying the rpm and the fuel, all the light in my dash board is lighting. How do I need to query the car? Why might this have happened?
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Reverse gas in dashboard

I was visiting Honda service for my TAKATA airbag recall three days ago. After I visit, I see my gas dashboard acting weird three days in a row. For example, for Honda Civic there are about 20 dots ...
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Unknown indicator on dashboard: P67-y on dashboard Toyota Vitz (Yaris)

I recently bought a Toyota Vitz 2008 model and I am the second owner. Somedays back, while I was driving on a highway, I saw an indicator at the right side of the dashboard in white color. It was p67-...
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2005 Subaru Legacy Outback 3LR g H6

Tried burping radiator with no success. Water boils out but temp gauge reads normal??? 2005 Subaru Outback 3.0 H6.
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2010 Elantra Touring - LED dashboard display is flickering

This problem started two weeks ago. When I start my car, the LED display on my dashboard flickers and is dim. After I drive it a while (5-10 minutes) the LED becomes stable and bright. My local ...
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Dashboard display goes dark

I have a 62 plate vw passat 2.0 tdi bluemotion sport estate. When i put the ignition key in i get the usual lights lighting up on the dash and the info system however when i start the engine the ...
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Brake pad change - passat 2011

Implausible signal Brakes fail Very dissapointed
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Dim instruments and messages, too dark to see

So this is problem I am having on two vehicles. First found it on my Silverado for temp/climate panel. the lights are too dim to see, they don't get any brighter when adjusting dimmer. Second vehicle ...
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Dashboard lights blinking wildly

Here's a video of my Subaru Forester dashboard. Temperature, cruise, skid control, maintenance lights are on randomly and blinking. I'm guessing all of these problems are related. What could be the ...
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BMW E46 2002 Check Control and Radiator is lighting on Dashboard

Yesterday I removed Angel Eyes and after that when I started up the engine there was Check Control front lights warning. How can I reset this warning? There also is radiator warning and this light ...
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