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Please help. Dashboard lights on after changing starter

I have a BMW 535i 2008. It won’t start so after diagnosing it I changed the starter but now after changing the starter all dashboards lights are on such as engine malfunctioning, transmission ...
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What does this light mean on renault clio 2007

Hello this light (the little car with a pin thing behind it) has come up on my nephews car, it is a birthday present for his 17th, its his first car and we don't know what this light is. Sorry if its ...
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Dashboard lights don’t go dim when headlights are on

I noticed sometimes my dashboard lights don’t go dim when I turn on headlights. Do you know why that can happen? Lexus RX 3500, 2007
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Intermittent Instrument Cluster Lighting

2018 Chevy Silverado Why does my instrument cluster lights and radio goes out why does my cluster lights and radio turns off for 5 secs and comes back on after applying my brake?
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