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How do I remove this old cassette stereo? (2002 Mercedes Sprinter)

I'm wanting to replace this old cassette-based stereo system. I can't see any obvious way to unhook, unscrew, dismantle or remove it. I have the correct Haynes manual, but the instructions there ...
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Dash lights flickering and engine cuts out

I have a 95 VS Calais, the last couple of months, the dash lights have started to flicker and some times the engine will cut out.. I have replaced the battery and the alternator with brand new ones.. ...
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White smoke coming from dash when I accelerate above 60 and steams up the windshield when I accelerate it up to 30 or 35 any advice would help thanks!

My 03 Chevrolet s10 extreme 4.3L is sending White smoke through my air vents and from under my dash, also is steaming up the windshield when I accelerate my tuck above 60 but when I’m accelerating to ...
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2007 Altima - Dash lights and automatic acceleration when starting

Sometimes when starting my car several dash lights go on and off as the engine revs up and down several times. If the car is put in drive before the car starts revving up and down then the car will ...
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Normal discontinuity at seam of dash moulding?

I've brought my 2013 Fit LX to Honda for many things. Flood remediation, entailing replacement of all electronic components and harnesses at floor level. Airbag recalls on both the driver and ...
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I have flickering dash and battery lights

I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute v6. The dash lights when on flicker and I have been told so do the headlights,since I got this in Nov. had a trip to FL and back and no problems except the flickering. I ...
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1998 saab 900 2.0turbo automatic

I was wondering if anyone had any clues of what could possibly be the problem with my car. It's a Saab 1998 900 with 2.0turbo I've had my engine code checked about 4 times by 4 different people. All ...
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Installing a dashboard camera

Is it possible to power a dash cam from the ceiling console on a 2014 Ford Fusion.
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How can I repair my scratched dash?

The car is a 3-year old Volvo V70. I just discovered I have two scratches right across the center of my dash, in a prime position to disturb/reflect the speedo needle. It's literally something I look ...
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