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Oil in expansion Bottle

Hi I live in Egypt and have a Daewoo Speranza M11 recently there was oil in the expansion bottle and the temperature light came on...the car did not overheat. The oil cooler was diagnosed and replaced ...
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What is the headlights bulb size for Daewoo Lanos?

I'm totally new to cars. I've been trying to figure out the appropriate size for my Daewoo Lanos headlight bulbs (H4, H7 , ...etc). However, I couldn't find it any where in the manual, and Google ...
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Why can't I put my car into drive unless I put it into d3 first? Same with reversing, I need to shift gears into neutral first. Please help me

A month ago when I tried to start my car and drive after having parked it out my office it would rev but not shift into any gears so I took it to a mechanic and he told me that he had fixed the ...
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2000 Daewoo Musso 2.9 TDI Engine shaking heavily in idle, getting better in higher RPMs

I bought my first project car dirt cheap it's a Daewoo (Ssangyong) Musso Diesel SUV which has one of the most reliable engines, the Mercedes OM602 This car is starting fine but the Engine is shaking ...
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TDC on DOHC but with cams removed

does it matter when the cams are removed what TDC (top dead center) the crank is at? To my understanding cylinder 1 at TDC with the timing mark lined up, then installing the cams will then set what ...
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Ignition Switch Issues

I have a 1999 Daewoo Lanos Auto For some reason my ABS, brake and engine warning lights have come on permanently When this happened the wipers, windows and heater all stopped working, I had to call ...
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Head bolt torque settings for Daewoo Matiz 800cc 2004/5

I'm looking for the Head bolt torque settings for Daewoo Matiz 800cc 2004/5. My research yielded 85--90 NSm from here, but it does not seem correct. Another site stated 65-70Nm. Any suggestions on ...
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Change electrical switch of the ignition switch on a Deawoo Cielo (1995)

The car is still starting flawlessly but some accessories like the radio or the clock don't always work. I noticed that pushing the key deeper in the ignition would make the radio start, but ...
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'04 Daewoo Nubira brakes keep sticking on after disc and pad replacement

On my '04 Daewoo Nubira I have been and had new discs and pads all round and now the brakes keep sticking on, I have been advised I now need new calipers all round, how can I tell if its them or that ...
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