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Why is my drive axle clunking when I first accelerate or release the pedal?

I recently replaced my drive axles and my passenger side clunks when I first accelerate or decelerate. It also clunks when I let it coast at a low speed. Pushing on my brake stops it. I'm thinking it ...
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What is the correct orientation for CV joint cage?

I'm replacing a torn outer CV joint boot on a 1997 Nissan Wingroad. I removed the joint from the drive shaft and disassembled it in order to clean it out and pack it with fresh grease. I made a mental ...
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Shudder vibration under acceleration in front-wheel-drive, but completely fine when rolling?

I have a 2013 Honda CRV front-wheel drive. It has a nasty shuddering vibration when driving on the freeway. This vibration only occurs under acceleration, it goes away when off the gas and just ...
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How to remove front axle?

I want to replace a torn boot on my car's left front axle. In most of the videos I've watched a pry bar is used to remove the front axle. However, the service manual says to first remove the right ...
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07 Camry front wheel bearing damage so quickly

I have replaced the the right front wheel cv joint with after market one made by a Taiwanese spare part manufacturer. When the mechanic install the cv joint in the rod, after 3 or 5 days, sound of the ...
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How can problems with shafts lead to premature cv boot failure?

I previously asked a question about why cv boots can fail and reasons given were cheap quality boots, improper installation and problems with shafts. Regarding problems with shafts, what exactly might ...
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What can cause knocking sound when pressing and releasing gas pedal?

I hear a knocking sound whenever I pres the gas pedal and accelerate fast, or when I quickly take my foot off the gas. I hear it at low speeds 25-40mph. Just replaced the CV axles, put on new tires, ...
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How to remove stuck CV joint from axle?

I am trying remove the outer CV joint from my axle (1988 Accord). I've removed the axle from the car, removed the old CV boot and have positioned it in a vice. I've tried hammering and hammering the ...
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Noise from shocks/rack ends in Honda Fit

In my Honda Fit GP5 I'm getting a metal scrape ("chiri chiri") noise when my left front wheel hit a rough road with shocks. I'm not getting any noise or anything wired voice when I'm turning ...
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3.3 Hyundai Santa Fe 2009 CV joint. Replaced them but now have vibration when accelerating. Is sur tack the best replacement part?

It all went together well but now it vibrates when accelerating. Is sur Tack a best replacement joint? Wondering if there is a better manufacturer.
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