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Should the PCV breather hose affect fuel trims?

Noticed that my long term fuel trims have dropped negative over the years and am wondering if something is up with the positive crankcase ventilation system. I am familiar with logging data so logged ...
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Is the crankcase gasket really necessary

I opened the crankcase of my scooter (PGO PMX Naked) to have a look at the clutch, and there was a gasket between case and cover. It looks like some type of cardboard material, extremely thin. Since ...
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Positive crankcase pressure in Astra H 2008 Z14XEP

I've been suspecting an issue with the PCV system in my Opel Astra H 2008 with a Z14XEP petrol engine. It blew both the oil pressure switch and (probably, have yet to investigate) the front crankcase ...
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'04 Seat Cordoba makes a rythmic pulsating sound

I got a '04 1.4 Seat Cordoba here (340k on the odo!) and it makes a rythmic pulsating sound. The sound occurs under all conditions; warm/cold engine, low/high engine load etc. At first I thought I ...
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What happens when cranking vehicle in gear?

What happens when you crank the engine but the transmission is not in neutral? Are you applying torque to the transmission? Should the vehicle always be in neutral when turning the crankshaft ...
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What are some Seafoam Alternatives

I read this procedure for using Sea Foam ( also listed on their website ) to clean the intake manifold, injectors and crankcase. I think this would be useful for my vehicle, however Sea Foam isn't ...
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