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Seal Impreza Rear Bumper Crack

About a year ago my 2016 manual transmission Impreza hatchback backed into another (parked) car and as a result the rear bumper has a small crack a few inches long with about a .25 inch separation ...
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Muffler recently replaced and is already cracked

I have a 05 cavalier with a replaced muffler and it’s already cracked after a month of driving I do drive a lot so maybe that’s why but it always drips water too
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Is this internal engine component cracked?

I was inspecting my engine (1.6L N15 Pulsar) yesterday and I noticed some moisture on the rocker cover coming from the oil fill cap. I unscrewed it and it looked like it was allowing some fluid out. I'...
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How to repair crack in a pillar exterior panel

I am considering purchasing a 1972 Monte Carlo with a crack in the metal of the a pillar panel. I was wondering if it is possible to repair such damage or if I should avoid this vehicle.
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Crankcase And Kickstarter are cracking

I have a 09 Honda crf50f and every 4 to 5 kicks it makes this awful crack noise and the kick starter won’t move unless you let go and it keeps doing this and the bike won’t start but it also has carb ...
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Long crack in windshield: What could have been the cause and what can I do?

Camry, just over two years old. Today I noticed a long snaky crack in the windshield. I am pretty sure the crack wasn't there yesterday. There is no sign of the windshield having been hit by an ...
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Windshield frame rusting

Our car (Honda Accord) did not pass inspection due to a cracked windshield. we have full glass insurance, but when Safelight came to our home and inspected the car they informed us that the windshield ...
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Crack between tire tread

I recently bought a used car and saw two cracks between treads on the front left side tire. Otherwise tires are in good condition with lots of life left. No cracks on other tires. Is there anything ...
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Dry rot tire should I replace?

My tires look new but I just bought the car and I don't know for sure. They all look good except one rear tire which has cracking between the treads but nowhere else. Is this an accident waiting to ...
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Can I bend an exhaust flex pipe?

My exhaust pipe in my 2007 maxima has a crack about an inch outside of a flex pipe, and the repair cost is more than the car is worth to me. The 2 pipes are totally separate, but right next to each ...
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Will chip/crack still be visible after professional repair?

I had several chips on my windshield, one “bullseye” divot and multiple little starburst-shaped cracks. All were caused by roadway stones hitting the windshield while driving. All were between dime ...
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Help?!? This has a crack in it. And after I’ve been driving it I hear a cranking noise. What is this and did I damage my car badly?

I have a 1995 Toyota Camry. When I cut my car off from driving. It leaks and make a little noise. Today I lifted the hood. I should’ve been did that. And saw this crack with liquid bubbling. I’ve been ...
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How to fix "hairline" crack in vinyl dashboard

I have a 2009 Mazda 6, and within the past few months it has developed a "hairline" crack in the soft, vinyl side of the dashboard; I'm not 100% sure it's vinyl, but it's some soft plastic material ...
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Small cracks on motorcycle rear tire

My motorcycle rear tire has developed small cracks (not very deep) on its entire circumference, along the middle of the tread. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I bring it to the ...
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Tire crack, requires replacing or not? [duplicate]

This morning I noticed the following crack in the sidewall of my front tire. Wasn't sure if it was anything serious so I took it to the nearest tire shop and asked a couple of the guys working there ...
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How to repair a crack that is inside a windshield

I have a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe and during one of my trips, something struck my windshield and leave what looks like a dent and a long crack. However, when I move my hand over both the "dent" and the "...
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Do these tyre cracks necessitate replacement?

My car has been off the road for a few months, but will be back on it in a few weeks. The other day, I noticed some cracks between the treads on the front tyres. Not sure how long they've been there. ...
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