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Questions tagged [corrosion]

Slow deterioration of metal parts where the metal is worn away by an electro-chemical reaction called oxidation that is formed when combining exposed metal, oxygen, and electrolyte (eg acids, salts, moisture).

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protect gas lines from corrosion?

'07 Cobalt, electric power steering, 50K miles Snow/slush/salt area. The car (new to us) hasn't had a lot of winter miles, so it's in not-too-bad condition. However, underneath today, I saw that ...
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Anti-static drag strips benefits of earthing?

I know this sounds like a stupid question but could an anti-static dragging strip have any benefits to a car attached to certain parts of a car in terms of galvanic corrosion or any other form of ...
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Battery Corrosion Buildup on Positive Terminal

Earlier today when I went to move my car, as I attempted to crank it over all the dash lights went out and didnt return. This has happened 3 times - this being the 3rd - since I've owned the car - I'...
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Used Ford Fiesta Rusty Sills

looking for some advice as to whether the picture shown is something serious to worry about when buying a used Ford Fiesta. It’s 11 years old and doesn’t have any corrosion advisories on MOT history ...
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Is blue corrosion on components other than the battery ever normal?

I've been troubleshooting a problem with my truck for a few days now and just noticed this on a component behind the throttle body. Someone told me this is the accelerator pump. I haven't noticed blue ...
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Can I apply dielectric grease to a blower motor resistor body?

I have a 2001 Camry (North America model) which (in)famously puts the open-body blower resistor in the ducting to cool it, which leads to enormous corrosion and burnout problems in humid/salty ...
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