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wiper control wiring diagram

Can any one can help me to connect mitsuba is-4301 wiper control. It is 24v and 6 is used in mitsubishi canter. I need diagram to how to connect the control relay. Thank you.
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What is the thread and size of a Chevy Malibu 2009 Hybrid with ATC blower module retaining bolt size?

I was wondering if any of you guys could possibly know the thread of the retaining bolts of the blower module (ATC) to a Chevy Malibu 2009. Thanks advancely !
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3 answers

Switch in Nissan Caravan

I recently bought a Nissan Caravan (year 2000) and I still don't know the function of two switches. Unfortunately I don't have a manual and I couldn't find information on Google. Maybe someone knows ...
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Ford F150 XL - How do the vehicle control modes work?

My 2018 F150 has multiple driving modes: Normal | Snow/Wet | Eco | Sport I understand Snow/Wet is for wet surfaces, etc, etc. But what exactly are they doing to the drive-train? What widgets ...
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Clunk over speed bumps when cold

I have posted about this before but have recently just replaced some parts so thought I’d ask again. Hit a bump too fast last December and since then when hitting speed bumps I get a clunk at the rear....
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Turn vehicle off then on again and the right blinker is automatically on switch wasnt on when i switched car off

I turn my car on and then the right blinker is switched on . Why is that and the dash flashes aswell. It wasnt on when turned ignition off and the engine light is on aswell but still not flasing ...
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Timing control for windows on RX 350

I own an RX 350 and was wondering where the timing of window controls is located on the computer board. By timing I mean when you simply tap the console switch the window or sunroof will open ...
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1998 Chevy truck/suburban/tahoe heater control not working (burnt resistor)

I have a 1998 Suburban that has an issue with the a/c & heater control switch unit. The recirculation function does not work and the light does not come on. I pulled out the unit and it has a ...
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