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What is wrong with my brakes and rotors?

I've replaced my rotors and brakes 3 times in the past 18 months. A mechanic this last time said the lower control arm needed replacing so I did. Not even 8 moths have gone by, 4000 miles and I'm ...
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bent tabular rear control arm

I have a 1995 toyota corolla. It has a tubular rear control arm that is bent. It also has rear toe adjustments that are threaded and seized. How hard will it be (and how long will it take) to ...
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Jeep Cherokee Torque/Reaction arm

i have a Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.8CRD (06 plate) which has just failed its MOT. the "Torque/Reaction arm" to both nearside and offside rear need replacing. what is this? is it the same thing as "...
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The wrong control arm for my 2002 Honda Civic?

I have a Civic Hatchback produced in Great Britain in 2001 (living in France). Since I replaced the control arms in 2014 I have had strange problems: I needed to install a washer between the ...
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