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2008 Jeep Liberty rear lower control arm bolt

I'm trying to find a bolt for a rear lower control arm on a 2008 Jeep Liberty. The closest I have been able to find is
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What are those two broken parts?

I have a 2006 Honda Accord i4 automatic. I see a broken part in the middle, and on the left (next to the trans?) an unattached and greasy boot. What are their names, exactly? Any estimates on the ...
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Is it normal for a bolt+nut that goes through a control arm bushing to still be able to spin after being torqued down?

The car in question is a '97 Civic. The bolt of concern connects the damper fork to the lower control arm trough a bushing. It's encircled in red in the following picture. I torqued the bolt down to ...
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What is wrong with my brakes and rotors?

I've replaced my rotors and brakes 3 times in the past 18 months. A mechanic this last time said the lower control arm needed replacing so I did. Not even 8 moths have gone by, 4000 miles and I'm ...
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Using nylon lock-nuts in place of traditional slotted nuts & a cotter pin

I am replacing the front control arms on my vehicle (ball joints and the bushings are more than well-worn after 20+ years of service). But I am finding myself in somewhat of a predicament: all of the ...
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Is gravel under lower control arm joint a problem?

2002 Odyssey, two images here of lower control arm joints where it meets the body. One of the driver side which is cleaned out, and one of the passenger side showing a pebble in the same area. The ...
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The wrong control arm for my 2002 Honda Civic?

I have a Civic Hatchback produced in Great Britain in 2001 (living in France). Since I replaced the control arms in 2014 I have had strange problems: I needed to install a washer between the ...
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Is alignment needed after replacing upper control arms?

My yearly NY inspection revealed a bad upper ball joint and the shop gave me a quote to replace it. One of the line items on the quote was an automatic and irremovable item which read "Auto: alignment ...
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Honda 1999 Odyssey How to know if front control arms and cv shafts need replacement

My mechanic's service writer (in total it's a 3-person team, he and two mechanics) informed me that my front lower control arms and cv shaft assemblies need to be replaced. How can I know for sure he'...
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bent tabular rear control arm

I have a 1995 toyota corolla. It has a tubular rear control arm that is bent. It also has rear toe adjustments that are threaded and seized. How hard will it be (and how long will it take) to ...
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Leak in boot around (steering) arm on passenger side a big threat?

Recently started looking for a leak on my 2002 Eclipse... Found a boot around the arm that steers (I think) my car that has been compromised on the passenger front. How serious is this? I think the ...
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Jeep Cherokee Torque/Reaction arm

i have a Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.8CRD (06 plate) which has just failed its MOT. the "Torque/Reaction arm" to both nearside and offside rear need replacing. what is this? is it the same thing as "...
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Design of a double A-arm suspension

Can a double A-arm suspension have its arms bent as shown in the sketch below? The sketch is taken to be viewed from the the front.
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Merc C class 2.2 CDI W203 tire skipping

So i have a problem with my car for some reason when turning sharp (>= 90 deg) turns my front tires seem to skip out with a rubbery pong sound like the tires bouncing back along the road surface. ...
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Impossible to separate ball joint

I'm trying to replace the front control arms in my 2005 bmw 330ci (e46). I'm stuck trying to separate the inner ball joint on the passenger side. I'm using a pickle fork and a hammer. It seems that ...
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Which is the offside link arm on my suspension?

In the last service on my 2010 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, the mechanic noted "offside link arm ball joint and nuts worn (Facing upward)". I may replace it myself, but I'm not certain which arm they'...
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Upper vs Lower Control Arms

Doing research into some front end suspension components, I found this odd mixture of the need to clarify the upper and lower identity of control arms, even in the absence of an upper control arm. I ...
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Extremely over tightened pinch bolt, how to remedy?

I was replacing my upper control arms today, however the manual I simply stated "tighten" the bolts (they're meant to be self-locking). So after some googling my car model (Audi B8 A4/A5), I wrongly ...
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Mazda 3 passenger side control arm - move engine and transaxle slightly forward?

I'm replacing the control arms on my 2008 Mazda 3 GT Sport. On the right-hand side the AC compressor gets in the way of the forward bolt on the control arm. To make room for the bolt the service ...
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Honda Jazz 2007 1.4 Dsi CVT

My Honda Jazz is in for 195,000 km service, Bosch service centre contacted me and said that my Control Arm Bushings are worn, but they need to replace the entire control arm as the bushings are not ...
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