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Lincoln Continental 2000 fuel pump connector loses 12v when connect fuel pump

I have a Lincoln Continental 2000 and had changed the fuel pump one time and it worked for about a month and after a month the fuel pump failed again and confirmed it failed by applying 12v and ground ...
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Unknown Part For '78 Lincoln

I recently changed the Ignition Control Module on my 1978 Lincoln Continental. This part was mounted onto the ICM and plugs directly into it. I have gone to the Lincoln/Ford dealership, visited ...
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2001 Lincoln continental engine whirring and shaking whole car

I’m not sure what the problem is. I have a 2001 Lincoln continental and the engine seems to be whirring and shakes the whole car in reverse/drive/park/neutral. It has no engine lights, no codes, ...
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High idle when put in forward gear

My 1992 Lincoln Continental Signature series 38000 miles. Revs up to about 1500-1700 when put in a forward gear, but not reverse? Help
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LIncoln Continental Power Steering Leak

I have a Bad power steering leak and want to replace the pump but can't get to the fitting without removing the a/c compressor to check size. What is the flare nut fitting size for the high pressure ...
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Can I use unleaded gas in when premium is required if it's an older model?

I have an old 96 Lincoln Continental can I put super unleaded in it if it says it takes premium? FYI the previous owner put regular unleaded in it for about six months before hand.
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1998 lincoln continental with fluctuating idle when put in gear only (drive/reverse)

I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental. It has 124k miles on it. The history of the transmission maintenance are as follows: Fluid and filter was changed at 29k miles Fluid was flushed at 86k miles Fluid ...
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