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One of the four internal combustion engine strokes necessary for the complete combustion process to occur. The compression stroke compresses an air fuel mixture and prepares for it ignition by spark.

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What do these compression figures mean

This is a follow up question to What are the causes of fluctuating intake manifold vacuum I have a 2005 Honda CBR600 F4i which suffers from occasional hesitation at low rpm when accelerating. After ...
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Cylinder 1 and 4 has low compresion, after engine has been redone

I have a Opel Corsa 1999 B type. We had a mechanic redo the engine about 4 months ago, but this week it just does not want to start. Today had other mechanic look at the engine, and did a quick ...
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Typical Stock Boost Values

For an engine that is boosted out of the factory, what are typical maximum and average boost values? Are they conservative in the 5-6 PSI range or do they get more aggressive getting up to 10-15 PSI? ...
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Strokes during compression test?

Just wondering what the general consensus out there for the amount of times the vehicle turns over during a compression test? I have heard anywhere from 5-8, and personally crank 7. What is the ...
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Does a warped engine block affect compression test?

Check other questions, and did not see an answer. Backstory: Driving around, discovered pin hole in radiator. Chose to drive home, since I was at my exit, and I lived right there. Blew head gasket. ...
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Motorcycle 125cc question about PISTON condition and battery

Last year I bought a 125cc bike, Modenas brand, most likely unknown to you. It is a moped. It can go as fast as 110 km/h enough for the city, ...
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Static vs. Effective compression: Why does higher effective compression not require higher octane gas?

Background I've been trying to do a lot of research on boost lately because I'm planning on running a moderate turbo setup on my daily/light-duty-autox car in the future. I'm trying to get into the ...
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