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The Colorado is a compact pickup truck manufactured by Chevrolet since 2003.

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Looking at a new 4x4, just after some advice about the rear wheels

I'm about to get a new 4x4 which is the one in the image. The car is a 2016 Holden colorado with a 2" lift and then the mud tyres on that. The Person I'm thinking of buying it from is gonna get ...
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Random sqwawk noise - 2011 Holden RC Colorado

As title - I can only describe it as a sqwawk noise, like a disk that vibrates side to side at a resonant frequency. It's been in my car for a significant amount of time and nothing I've done has ...
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3 answers

2006 Chevy Factory Stereo Wiring

I'm replacing the stock stereo in my 2006 Chevy Colorado. All of the diagrams I've seen online show that A1-A7 are unused example but A1 and A2 have a similar, smaller wire (see picture). The adapter ...
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Doors will not lock

I replaced the factory radio in my 2005 Colorado with a aftermarket radio. The radio works great. The power door locks stopped working, on the doors and the fob. What did I do wrong?
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Possible causes for a high temp gauge?

I have a 2012 Chevy Colorado with an odd temp gauge issue. When the vehicle is started from being completely cold (like freezing cold), the temp gauge immediately goes all the way up. This leads me ...
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What is this connector on the rear bumper?

This is a picture of the rear bumper of a 2016 Chevy Colorado: On the left is a harness for 4- and 7-pin trailer connectors. In the center is the license plate (blurred). What is the circular ...
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Is is possible to stop a GM radio theft lock light from blinking

This question is about a 2004 Chevy Colorado Pickup with a CD radio. I was asked to find out why there's a light that blinks constantly when the ignition is turned off. I think I've identified it as ...
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