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Coleman CT200U EX starts when dies

I initially was putting a new carb on but decided to just keep the stock one. I have put it all back on. But when I started it it instantly when full throttle. So I did some research and learned about ...
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Coleman mini bike ct200u

My bike just takes off on its own. When I turn the choker on. Not sure what it wrong with it. It’s just take off on it’s own
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Brand new ColmeanCT200U-EX not wanting to stay running

I just purchased a brand new pre-assembled Coleman CT200U-EX mini bike. I'm a newbie with this. I've only ridden it about 3 hours or so at this point. This week its been acting up. Today while ...
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Minibike/ coleman ct100u

I’ve got a coleman Ct100u minibike that has spark but will not start. New carburetor (old one broke in a crash). I’ve pull started it about 30 times but then I gave up. I’ve got fuel, and all the ...
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My mini bike took full speed off with me on

My finally got my minibike fixed. It started it up and it kept trying to drive off on me. I held on the brakes, then jumped on the seat and let go of the brake. It went full speed off on me and I hurt ...
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Mini bike coleman ct200u wont start and kick backs when i pull the string

Mini Bike coleman ct200u wont start i bought it off facebook market place i went to look at it he says it takes usually 3 pulls for it to start and he showed me the choke off gas on and kill switch ...
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