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Jumper starter doesn't show connection to battery unless I engage the manual override - Cold Weather

I'm trying to jump start my car with a portable booster pack, the car has been out for about 2 weeks in temperatures that regularly reach -15 C and the battery is completely dead. It's a brand new ...
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Can not access the brake switch cold wire for my electric brake controller install. is there an alternative access to cold side wire of brake switch?

I have a 1997 Chevy 1500 Suburban, that I am hooking an electric trailer brake controller in. I have tried everything to get to the brake switch, so I can tie in my red wire to the cold wire side of ...
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2000 Ford Excursion 5.4L 2wd

Reduced cold air flow from a/c I replaced the fan 2 replaced a/c resistor Clean ac evaporative coil in behind fan. Cleaned front evaporate coils in front of radiator Both with lye mix commercially ...
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Renault Modus 1.4 drains battery - whirring noise suddenly begins after 10 days not moving, engine cold, all switched off

I left my car parked up (Renault Modus 1.4) and did not drive it for 10 days (in 'lockdown'). Then one evening I heard a whirring noise in the engine (after 10 days quiet, totally cold and switched ...
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Automatic tranny, reverse died during cold snap

The vehicle is a 2005 Chevy Classic 2.2L four cylinder. It starts and runs, or ran and drove, fine down to -15-20° F up until recently. With a few days of -30 and -40 temps, the car, even after 30-45 ...
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Rough idling, car stalling in cold, won't start at all after filled up with fuel?

Having a bit of an issue with my 2009 Nissan Pixo - the car stalls intermittently after it's just been started up (it's fine after it has been running for a while though), and it won't start at all ...
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Will my car be affected by the cold winter temperature? [closed]

As winter comes the temperature will get colder and colder. Will this affect my car? I want to be prepared for any problems that will cause any start up problems or driving problems. Thank you.
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Protecting the paint using a carport for winter storage

I'm considering buying a summer vehicle that I would like to store for winter, but I don't have an optimal storage solution. There's no climate-controlled storage facility nearby. What I do have is ...
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Would cold temperatures affect a neutral safety switch? (Manual transmission)

Trying to troubleshoot my 92 Subaru Legacy manual transmission starting issues. Car wont crank/start most mornings, even if its only about 50 degrees F. Replaced battery, starter, and alternator ...
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Leaving a car outdoors in very cold weather

Here in Minnesota we're looking at 3 days in a row with temperatures dipping into the negative 30s (Fahrenheit) next week. Obviously this is brutal for humans, but I do not own a garage and typically ...
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Audi A3 long cranking when engine cold

maybe someone can help me. I have bought Audi A3 tdi 1.9 2007 some months ago and few months ago car became hard to start when the engine is cold. It usually takes like 20s+ of cranking for it to ...
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volvo xc70 cold starts into limp mode

2004 volvo xc70 awd inline 5 turbo, automatic- Hello everyone, I've been having a fairly consistent problem that rears its ugly head almost every cold morning( ~ 8/10 times if its below 40F outside). ...
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start up issue when cold

need an advise please. When im starting the car from a cold engine, i need like 5 turns with the key before it holds the rpms. To be precise. It always starts up, but the rpms go down to around 300 ...
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Running rough in the cold 03 cavalier

I have a 2003 cavalier with the 2.2L ecotec. In the cold weather it runs terribly and doesn't get better even when engine has been warmed up. The engine will shudder when I give it gas from a low rpm ...
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Battery on extreme cold not enought power to start engine

my Chevy Cruze 2011 on two of the past extreme cold days (Canada), the temperature was on -32 to -38, didn't have the power to start the engine. The two times happened after using the car for about 30 ...
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coolant flush in cold temperatures

I need to flush my coolant however I don't have access to a warm garage (without paying for a tow). Was curious if it's bad/possible to flush it outside when temperatures are below freezing? Any ...
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The Mystery of the Misfiring MINI

It's me again. 2008 MINI Cooper S w/ dealer-installed JCW package (chip tune, larger air intake, larger cat-back exhaust). I thought everything was fine after resetting my ECU last week, but had bad ...
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