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Compressed Natural Gas. An fuel that some engines use instead of gasoline.

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How change methane injectors on Zafira 2004 CNG engine?

What is the process to change CNG injectors on a 2004 Zafira? What has to be disconnected?
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My car doesnot start/run with petrol... but it smoothly starts/runs on CNG, suggestions please [duplicate]

2012-Toyota-Premio, 1500-Sedan. Car has DUAL-FUEL: Petrol and CNG. I ran with CNG for 2 months now can start or run with petrol, What went wrong? how to fix this...
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Petrol to CNG converted cars

Please excuse if posted at wrong place. Does running car on CNG wears out engine? I am planning to buy used CNG car (India) but many mechanic advise against it for any CNG car than has run more than ...
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Natural Gas Engines - What are these things?

Someone I knew when I was younger converted a car to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) because CNG was extremely cheap in comparison to petrol or diesel. How can cars be converted to run on CNG and ...
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can big sub woofer be a problem for car cng cylinder

I have an old toyota corolla e 100 sedan. A CNG cylinder is installed in my car because here it is cheaper than octane. I was thinking about setting up a good audio system in my car, which includes a ...
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Sudden increase in rpm when my car is in motion

I have chevorlet Enjoy purchased one year ago andgot it converted to CNG. Nowadays my car is giving problem of increase in rpm during running. It accelarates automatically but comes back to normal ...
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What would it take to perform a CNG conversion

I am contemplating a CNG conversion on a new MAZDA5. Could you recommend a parts catalog that has CNG conversion kits? Specifics: my break-even point is $10,000, based on price difference of 3.80-2....
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