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A device used in vehicles to transfer energy from an electric or internal combustion engine from the power unit to the transmission. Specifically the clutch plate is the part of the clutch assembly which clamps the friction disk to the flywheel.

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How many fair labour hours to change a clutck kit of a 2L GWM Steed 4x4

How many fair labour hours required ti change a clutch kit of a 2L GWM Steed 4x4 please. Thank you.
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Motorcycle clutch with grinding sound

I have a Suzuki Gixxer 155 2015 model. After going to a shop for vulcanizing my rear tubeless tire, it felt like I was carrying a very heavy load. It was a very heavy traffic in my area so I used ...
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Mystery-2008 Scion xB sticks in gear

So my wife has a 2008 Scion xB with a manual transmission. We've been having a problem that comes and goes with it, and is difficult to get to the bottom of. When we're driving the vehicle, it ...
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Clutch replacement: How to check if Diaphragm Spring should be replaced?

In the near future I will replace the clutch friction plates for my motorcycle (1984 Yamaha FJ1100) and most likely also the steel plates (the bike's done 80k km so I think they are due for ...
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2010 Mitsubishi sent up with the car just idling. The compressor isn't working because belt isn't turning & sparks & smokes a little when cranked

The compressor isn't working because the belt isn't turning causing it to spark and smoke a little bit when I crank it. That's without the AC or heat being on. Also, when I drive it it makes the loud ...
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Motorcycle clutch longevity: Race v.s. Road

So I realize this question may be on the line of too broad, but I think the answer(s) could be of future use to others as well, so I’m asking. Bike: 2014 Kawasaki EX300A (296 cc I think) At 9,000 ...
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New KLX230 not fully accelerating

When fully engaging the throttle, the engine starts making an underwater "wompwompwomp" sound and ceases to accelerate further. I'm seeing heavier people than me get their 230's to over ...
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Why does the clutch of my bike starts slipping?

I own a bajaj pulser rs200 which is a 200cc bike. I use is daily to go to work and back for about 20km. I usually ride fast and i am always above 7000rpm. I always release clutch rapidly after ...
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Can't do adjustment in clutch cable in motorcycle

I installed a new clutch cable on my bike but after installation, its adjustment bolt was tighten at last. I don't understand why it is like that I can't adjust anymore in new cable. Please suggest me ...
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