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1998 cherokee sport 4x4 hydraulic clutch problems

The clutch in my 19 98 Jeep Cherokee four by four feels like its frozen. The transmission will not go into any gear, including reverse. Whether the car is started, or not.
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Why did old planetary gearboxes use servos and brake bands instead of multi plate clutch packs to brake certain elements of a planetary gearset?

For example in the picture below you can see an allison cd-850 planetary gearbox which was first designed in mid 1940s and used in patton tanks. We can see that it uses brake bands to hold the ...
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02 ford f150 v6 manual clutch problems

i have a 02 ford f150v6 manual. i was pulling my camper no problem. i stopped on a hill. burnt the clutch and had to back up. went into gear no problem and pulled her up the hill to flat ground and ...
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Intermittent soft clutch 64 reg ranger

I have a 64 reg Ranger the clutch pedal keeps going soft at times and this morning went to the bottom and couldn’t get going until I managed to pump the peddle. The fluid was change a couple of weeks ...
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Nissan Qashqai 2009 2.0 Accenta smoke and flame

I had a new clutch installed in the car last week. 14kms later when I was entering the complex I noticed smoke coming from the engine. When I drove through the gate the clutch pedal went to the floor ...
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