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How to Fix/Rehabilitate Soft Plastic Retaining Clip

Having a small problem trying to state this clearly...anyhoo: When replacing cabin air filter for my car (2007 Toyota 4-Runner), it is necessary to get behind the glove box (or whatever it is called ...
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2010 Honda Odyssey clip holding trim panel below doors

I have been repairing rust and when taking off the side trim below the door, some of the clips are missing or broken. This is the trim that runs along the entire bottom from wheel to wheel. I'd like ...
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Circlip removal when pliers are too large

I am used to larger sized circlips that have fully formed eye circles. Currently I am wrestling with a circlip that is smaller and does not have full eyes. It only has some protruded arms, and that is ...
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How do I take off these plastic buttons that are attaching the shroud to my car?

I need to get a closer look at my headlight assembly, but there is a plastic shroud/guard covering it. It's attached with little plastic buttons.
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Wire loom clip behind Lexus alternator has little play

I was following along this lexus alternator replacement tutorial, and at 12:32, the guy uses a 10mm wrench to release the clip on the alternator L bracket very easily. I used his trick with much ...
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What is the name / code for this plastic piece?

It is a plastic support for this pair of ducts on the engine of Dacia/Renault Duster 2.0. I need the name or the piece code.
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How do I put new clips on my ford truck door to the interior door panel it tight?

My Ford truck door has needed new clips on it for months. I got new ones, but I don't want to mess up the door panel when I go to replace them. Any suggestions or experience to help? Thanx, Amber
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Extracting piston rod's "wire" C clips

So now that I'm getting ready (soon :) ) to fit new pistons in my old Skoda Estelle engine, I found that the piston rods have "wire" C clips. I mean, they look like a piece of wire, no "eyes" or tabs ...
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