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Use this tag for questions about clicking noises coming from your Motor Vehicle. Please include detail regarding whether the clicking is fast/slow, where it seems to be coming from, and whether the speed of the engine or the speed of the car affects how fast or loud the clicking is.

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Ticking noise coming from the suspension

I hit a speed bump in my 2016 Dodge charger and now everytime I go 20 mph on a right turn I hear a fast clanking noise. It only happens when making a right turn and it only happens around 20 mph I ...
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Bad battery? Bad alternator? Bad starter? 2004 honda civic?

Today went to start my 2004 honda civic and when I put the key in the ignition I got nothing no power no sound no crank nothing..... I just replaced the battery with a good die hard battery less than ...
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Clicking Sound From Brakes

Really annoying one this is. About two to three weeks ago, out of nowhere. When I apply my brakes whilst moving forward I get an annoying clicking sound ( one time click when applying brakes lightly )....
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2006 Ford Fiesta front left wheel clicking with each rotation

my Fiesta has a clicking noise on front left that happens with each tire rotation on a specific spot. It's always a single click, not a rattle or something similar. The brake pads are gripping the ...
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Clicking noise from TT 1.8l turbo engine

My Audi TT 8N (224 Quattro) has started making a clicking noise that seems to be coming from the engine. The noise appeared suddenly while accelerating. The engine doesn't seem to be low on power. Any ...
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Clicking sound when I apply pressure on brake

When I am applying pressure to my brakes I hear a sound that can be described as a clicking one. It is very faint, have to listen keenly. There is no squeaking, grinding or any high pitched noises ...
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Car gives off white smoke on inclines, struggles to accelerate for a moment

I am driving a Hyundai Accent (08-11, I think it's 11). This car has had some Cylinder 1 misfires in the past (Reported by a FIXD device to read the codes). We had an oil leak that got fixed, and that ...
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Van won't start, clicking sound

got a Toyota hiace from 98, we just accidentally caused a short by mis-connecting the batteries. Replaced one battery, both show a correct voltage, but the van won't start. Dashboard lights won't come ...
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Clicking sound after changing struts. 2008 Ford Escape hybrid

I have a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid. I recently changed out my old struts for brand new ones. After the new ones were installed, I hear a clicking sound when I accelerate and when I brake. There will be ...
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Remote Start not starting the car

This is a long shot but hopefully i can get some help from you guys!! Context: Took my car to the dealership for a safety recall service and now the remote starter wont work properly. I brought the ...
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Why is my 2008 honda civic coupe clicking?

My 2008 honda civic clicks a fixed number of times when you turn the key on, not when you start it. It also happens when you lock or unlock the doors. I don't think it's the ac actuator because it ...
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Car refuses to start with repeated clicking but can be jumped

Day 1: My 2013 Infiniti JX35 won't start. When I press the ignition button, the car loses all electrical power and I can hear repeated clicks under the hood. I installed a new battery, and it started ...
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Clicking BMW E36

I have a 1995 BMW E36 with an M50B20TU engine. When I turn on the ignition, but don’t try and start the car, I hear a regular clicking noise, which I believe is coming from the solenoid shown on ...
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Brakes messed up after service

I recently brought my truck to a shop to fix my ABS that displayed the "ABS indicator" light intermittently, fix/adjust my speedometer which was reading wrong, and replace some burned-out lights in my ...
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Rear wheel clicking

Jeep patriot rear area brakes when driving there is a very noticeable clicking sound. Once I press down on brake pedal it stops even when vehicle continues to slow down. Once I release brake pedal the ...
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05 Buick Rainier engine reduction how to fix?

I'm having a problem getting the engine power reduction to go away. Usually I just have to turn off the vehicle and crank it back up and it's fine. Not this time. We have tried a number of things, ...
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