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Used to define a classic car/vehicle, usually an older or antique vehicle. Use "malibu-classic" for the GM vehicle.

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Putty for exhaust manifold leak

Having some issues with a small exhaust leak from the exhaust manifold on my campervan. We got it taken to a mechanic to repair the manifold leak but he's ended up just making it worse. I dont have ...
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Clicking/tapping noise when accelerating talbot Express 1989

My van is making a tapping/clicking noise when I'm acclerating (I've tried to record it but my phone cant pick it up over the sound of the engine). I've tried a couple of different things to fix it - ...
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Anti-freeze to use on an old classic truck 1953 International

What type of anti-freeze should I use on my 1953 international pickup truck with a stock radiator?
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Engine oil to use for a 1953 International Harvester (IH) R-110

I'm restoring an older truck and I'm assuming that regular engine oil is ok to use in an old vehicle like that. Some people mention soft valve beds so the oil needs more zinc in it. What type/brand/...
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What is the plastic plug for on the bottom of an SU HS4 Carburettor Piston?

Please could somebody explain the purpose of this plastic plug on the bottom of my SU HS4 carburettor piston? The lip of the plug protrudes very slightly from the bottom of the piston (shown bottom ...
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1988 kawasaki ninja 600 only runs on choke crackles bogs dies

Hello everyone I recently acquired a 1988 kawasaki ninja 600 the bike was in pieces and I reassembled it and got it running the issue I'm having is it will only run on choke I've cleaned the carbs ...
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Help me identify the Car this wheel belongs to please (DKW)

I recently found this old DKW rim and tire in my shed and was wondering if anyone could help me identify which era the car that this wheel belonged to was from or perhaps even identify the model of ...
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While driving 96 Jeep cherokee stalled

Jeep it completely died out. I changed the crankshaft sensor not issue. Come to find out the 30 amp fuse behind battery keeps blowing and not gettting power to coil? Tries to start but won't battery ...
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Part numbers for older GMC truck

I recently bought a 1982 GMC K1500 4x4 that I'm looking to restore. The truck body is in great shape but some of the mechanicals need work. I want to make it a daily driver, not a show truck. I'm ...
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Why was worm and sector steering still used long after rack and pinion was invented?

I regularly work on old volvo's Amazon, 164, 144 etc. They all use worm and sector steering with the pitman arms, a very much inferior steering system. A lot of play is always present in the steering ...
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Who to hire to attach a weather seal?

I'm a decent shadetree mechanic but I think I've been defeated by a particularly tricky weather seal. I've destroyed two seals trying to put it on myself. What type of specialist should I go to for ...
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1955 Chrysler Windsor no response when I turn the key

I have had this car for a while and have had it running for a while but suddenly it stopped working. When I turn the key there is absolutely no response; no lights no clicks, no starter activity. The ...
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What is the term use for these motorbikes?

I am looking at bikes like this: What terms are used to categorize those? I have not been able to find any ...
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what is round cylinder on top of classic car engine

This is probably ridiculous question but I can't seem to find a chart on google that explains typical parts of a classic american car. I always seen that round disc like cylinder on top of many muscle ...
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Is sand blasting safe on old cars?

As the title says, when restoring a classic car I've been typically taught it was proper to get the entire vehicle sand blasted to see any issues and make any needed repairs them move to paint. ...
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Is there a way to check for rust on a classic car before purchase?

When someone looks at a classic car for a project how can you check for rust during the purchase process? I've heard of horror stories when someone sends a vehicle off to be sand blasted to only find ...
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Are classic cars safe?

Are classic cars safe? I am interested to know the differences between modern vehicles and vehicles of old from the 1960s. In the event of an accident, how does a classic vehicle compare to a modern ...
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