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Honda City 2002 doesn't start or sputters and dies

I have a Honda City 2002, manual transmission, and it developed a problem recently. As I was driving, I turned the indicator on to signal at a turn and the electronics on the guage cluster (clock, ...
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How to set the clock in a Honda City 2018

I've done it once before (last daylight saving change) but even with the owner's manual I can't work out how to set the clock. I've tried with both the car on and just in accessory position but ...
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How EFI works? How is it connected to the accelerator padel? [closed]

I want to completely understand how EFI works. Moreover, how and in what form it receives the message from the accelerator pedal. I specifically want to learn how it is implemented in Honda sedans ...
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Honda city car battery drain

An automatic Honda City car had it's battery drained and the reason mentioned by the owner was a bit surprising to all of us. Mentioned ; " It was because the car was kept in the reverse gear and ...
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Planning to replace hid bulb to led H1 connector

I have Honda city 2016 model (Indian version). I had changed the factory halogen bulbs to AES projector with H1 connector type. Recently one of my hid 5000k bulb gone bad. I'm planning to replace ...
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car heated up please help urgent

my car honda city 2005. showed the heat up sign. although the radiator cap is not hot at all. the fans are working fine. but the pipe on the top of the radiator is hot. while the pipe below is cool. ...
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Is my clutch worn out?

I have Honda City i-detch 2014 India version. Symptoms: low pickup In third gear high RPM but very less pickup Gear shifting little hard Clutch paddle high than normal. I took my car to ...
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"No key" flashes on dash board with key inside car

My Honda City model 2016 has a push button keyless starter and while the engine is running, it flashes "no Key" on the dashboard when the passenger side door is open. Why?
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