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Oil pressure low

Once every couple of days random I get a warning message stating low oil pressure that comes on and goes of just as quick as you can read it. Any thoughts on what this could be causing this. I drive a ...
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Citreon C3 1.6 Auto wont crank on key to start, but starts with key in ignition and a direct 12v feed to the starter any clues? had new battery

I had to replace a faulty battery as had to start via jump leads, ran sweet. switched off to move and close garage door, then would not re start. On replacing with a new battery car would not crank ...
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Citroen C3 - How to read the solenoid screw size?

I just need some guidance in how to read the "Self Tap screw" size used to tighten the Exhaust solenoid on my Citroen. I have lost the screw. The Part number of the screw is 6923C6 with the ...
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Citroen C3 key Run out of battery

My key from Citroen C3 Run out of battery and now when i've changed the battery doesn't recognise unlock and lock the car...anyone can help? Regards
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Low oil pressure but no light?

I drive a Citroen c3 2017. My car recently came up with a message on the screen saying low oil pressure, however the light hasn’t come on? I did however stall at the time but could someone advise if ...
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Turn indicator and high beam always on

Citroen c3 1.4 03 ... I bought the car over a week ago. When I start the car up the right indicator comes on and also the high beam. I have to disconnect my battery to get them off but when I ...
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