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Why do cars not have ISOFIX mounting for a rear centre mounted car seat?

My understanding is that the safest position in a car accident is the centre of the rear seats. For example this paper finds that 0-to-3 year old "children seated in the center rear have a 43% ...
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Fiat 500e 2017 baby carseat installation

I was wondering if anyone tried to put baby carseat in the Fiat 500 car, and how it works? Is it required to have a base or the seatbelt is enough??
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measurement for car seat space [closed]

I want to buy a car and want good space for two car seats in the back. I'm not sure which measurement / specification correlates to it. for example a lot of online sources say cx-5 is tight while ...
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What are the safety issues of having a childseat on the front seat?

Assuming the following, are there any safety reason to not put a child in the front seat? I am looking for a technical answer and not opinions e.g. the car chassi is stronger on the rear Assumptions *...
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Ford Explorer 2014 child seat in second row middle seat

Is it possible to have rear facing child seat in middle row middle seat?
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