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Rust precautions when enlarging two holes

If you insist on a 2" class-3 hitch (to be able to carry four bicycles), then either the option is not provided by the car dealer, or the option that's provided is so lavishly priced that you ...
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Finding banging/clanking noises when driving over rough surfaces or potholes

I'm trying to locate the source of the noises coming from the engine compartment, only problem is that it only happens when driving and it's hard to tell where exactly it's coming from as I can't ...
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Is car body same thing as frame (or chassis)

I am confused - this article says that car body weight only 153kg. For a car's frame that is very little (as far as I know). Or do they mean body as all the outside parts - bonnet, doors, etc. - not ...
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Does parking my car with 2 wheels on the sidewalk and 2 wheels on the road cause issues in the long term?

Since there is no parking space at the place I’m renting, I have to park my car with 2 wheels on the sidewalk and 2 wheels on the road. This also includes going up and down the sidewalk with the 2 ...
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Can corrosion on the subframe be addressed by cleaning and repainting or waxoyling?

My old but reliable 2003 Ford Focus has just passed its MOT with no work needing doing, but the chap who did the MOT said the sub-frame is showing signs of corrosion. This is currently just cosmetic. ...
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Can a cars chassis degrade, if so how and would this be noticeable?

I was reading a thread where people were saying if you bought a bad example of a car in worst case you could always rebuild an engine, replace suspension parts etc. However somebody said even if you ...
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Damages checklist after rollover

What I'm looking for is a checklist of items to look when considering what repairs a car involved in a rollover needs, something like: check the [...], if it seems to [...] check next item, otherwise ...
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Passenger front wheel not centered

I've noticed one front wheel on my car isn't centered where it should sit, and so it has a slight pull in that direction. Attached is a diagram of what I mean - what do you reckon could be the problem?...
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What is the performance gain from four-wheel steering in high-speed emergency lane-change maneuvers?

Per the answers here we know that four-wheel steering is a mainstream (even if uncommon) feature in commercial autos. Generally it appears that at high speeds and for small turning rates it will turn ...
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Is four-wheel steering used for lane-change maneuvers in any production cars?

I have read that some form of four-wheel steering is a feature on a number of production cars, but I haven't been able to find details of those systems. I'm particularly interested in whether four-...
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What is the large metal bar that sits behind the bumper?

I've seen a few vehicles with their plastic bumpers off recently. They all seem to have a large metal crossbar sitting in front of the radiator. What is this called? Update: And a sideview of the ...
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Possible chassis damage [closed]

I have had an accident where my Toyota Camry 2004 slipped from a curvy road into a ditch. There was no frontal collision or at least no something that I noticed but the car did have a good slide on ...
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Aftermarket Pneumatic Suspension - Pro's and Con's

I am trying to estimate the feasibility of installing an after market pneumatic suspension (called sometimes air bags suspension?) for a VW Tiguan. The Touareg, for example, has a factory optional ...
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Screeching sound at slow drive and breaking

I have 2 questions actually. But I feel there might be connection so I decided to combine this 2 queries. First: During slow start drive I hear this low screeching sound like something is loose. I'm ...
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Good car for full electric conversion

I am just going into my final year of mechatronics engineering, and as a project for my spare time I am looking to convert a car to fully electric drive. At the moment I am also toying with the idea ...
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Leaving heavy load on the back of a pickup truck

I was wondering if it is bad for a pickup truck to keep a heavy load in the back (e.g. 1800 lbs) for prolonged periods of time (e.g. 2-3 days), assuming the truck is not in motion. The disadvantage ...
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Can I use spray paint to touch up my car?

I have several really small nicks and major scuffs on my car; the nicks from driving on the highway (flying debris hitting chassis) and the scuffs from two fender benders. The nicks have started to ...
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Does a strut tower bar have any useful effect on chassis stiffness for a car with 100K miles?

Aftermarket strut tower bars are generally considered to be decorative on many brand new cars. However, it seems to be a bit more logical that a chassis with 100K miles would have developed some flex ...
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