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Why won't my chainsaw start?

I have a Stihl something-or-other, and it reliably has the same problem: It will start and run beautifully, then eventually it will no longer start, most likely due to too much oil in the mix, as the ...
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Chainsaw runs differently every day

I've got a husqvarna 440e that's all over the place. One day it'll run great, the next day I can't get it running at all. Sometimes it's way lean and will take off at idle, sometimes it's way rich and ...
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Chainsaw Muffler Gasket and Cooling Plate

I am trying to figure out how the muffler is supposed to be attached to my ms391 Stihl. Originally when I went to the dealership they said I needed a both a gasket and a cooling plate, but I could not ...
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My Husqvarna 45 chainsaw won't start only if the trigger is pulled

I have a Husqvarna 45 chainsaw and it won't start only if the trigger is pulled, and if i release it , the chainsaw stop's. Any suggestions?
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How do I find a replacement clutch and brake assembly for my chainsaw?

I don't know anything about technical specifications for chainsaw clutches. I'm not asking for shopping advice, but I don't know how to determine which parts are compatible. Last year I bought an ...
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