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Manufactured by Buick, the Century was a full-size car from 1936 to 1942, then again from 1954 to 1958. Later, it was a mid-size car from 1973 to 2005.

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My car is running very poorly when I start my 1994 Buick Century

My car is running very poorly when I start my 1994 Buick Century for the first time every day. It will stall out especially at a stop, but starts right back up and it stutters. Plus, the service ...
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2004 Buick century AC problem

My 2004 Buick century is having AC problems while I'm sitting in idle my car AC blows ice cold air but once I start to drive at about 35mph it starts to blow warm air and when I stop at a light or put ...
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2002 Buick Century

2002 Buick Century will every so often not start. I get in it and turn the key to start. Nothing. Lights all come on. Lights do not dim. Starter does not make any noise. Battery is new as well as the ...
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2001 buick century security system preventing car from starting

purchased a new key security light stays on then turns off car still does not turn on on line video suggest to bypass security system by soldering a resistor of equal value to the key to the wires ...
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Chaning turn signal flasher in a 1996 Buick Century

I need to know how many flashers a 1996 Buick Century has and how to change a flasher?
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Coolant leak which just won't quit

Car is 2003 Buick owner now 89. Very Well maintained. I have had all hoses changed. Plus water pump, head gasket and lastly radiator. Still leaks with me getting about a mile from home and ...
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