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Motercycle won't start after spraying WD40 in fuel line

I own a 2011 Honda CBR 250r MC41 which was sitting idle for a couple of weeks, if started flawlessly except it won't idle at 1.5K and died after a few seconds. So, I tightened loose air box hose clamp ...
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0.9 or 1.1 which is suitable for CBR250RR MC22

I have a CBR250RR MC22 old model gullarm bike, I recently faced issues with overheating of the faulty cap, but some people suggest changing 1.1 and some 0.9 radiator cap, I would like to know the ...
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Gear down shift issue in Honda CBR 150R

I'm having Honda CBR 150R, which is two years old now. I'm facing an issue of gear shifting since the day I bought this bike. I've mentioned this issue to various mechanics and service centers, but ...
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Honda cbr250r ECU question

Can a used ECU from a Honda CBR250R be reprogrammed with different parameters to increase performance?
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2011 Honda CBR250r [closed]

Has anyone ridden this bike at all? How does it do at 70 MPH freeway speeds?
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