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4 votes
1 answer

Honda Hornet engine stalls

I have a Honda Hornet (CB600F) PC41 from 2007. It's the first model with EFI. The bike has an error that we can detect by observing the blinking pattern of the FI light: 2 long and 9 short flashes. ...
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What can cause my motorcycle to shift into gear (but not all of them) without using the clutch?

I'm riding a Honda CB600F Hornet built 2006 (last model with carbs). I put it away for the fall/winter about 6 months ago. This week I was doing the maintenance, cleaned the brakes, lubed cables, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Honda CBF 600: odometer has no reading -- what can this mean?

I'm currently looking to buy a used motorcycle, and today I was inspecting a 2005 Honda CBF 600, whose VIN was: ZDCPC38B05F065417. (I'm specifying the VIN in case it was stolen; perhaps the owner ...
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