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What is the right battery-powered pump to rinse salt off of a car before parking?

I am looking for the following pump to rinse salt off a car before parking. The effect of the pump would be no more than pouring water on the roof, except that it would spray it to cover a larger area ...
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Is it harm to the car paint if I wash & wax my car 3 times per week?

I usually clean my car 3 times a week using water and a sponge. Today I bought this product which is a wax and shampoo at the same time @ . So my question ...
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Using microfiber to dry my car from water

I bough this microfiber product to dry my car from water after i wash my car ! ... but seems the product has 2 different sides....
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Serious question: Why do people pay for car wash services if you can simply wait for rain? [duplicate]

In one classic episode of The Simpsons, Homer comes home and goes: Who needs a carwash when you can just drive around in the rain? It's obviously meant as an absurd joke, poking fun at Homer's low ...
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How to make a DIY car wash liquid

What's a good 'recipe' to make car wash liquid at home? I have used this product for a while and was happy with it. The interwebs suggest: 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid 1/2 cup baking soda 1 gallon warm ...
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Washing strategies around snowy season? [duplicate]

I recently got myself a Hyundai Elantra, and I also recently moved to Toronto, from a country with no snow ever. My main question is: what's the general strategy or best practices around washing the ...
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Car Wash in Winter - Good Idea? / Bad Idea?

I live in an area that gets a fair amount of snow and ice, and so the winter months usually have salt on the roads. Presumably, that salt stays around as a dry crust or in puddles until the next ...
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What can be used to get rid of hard water spots?

Most water spot removers available on Amazon or automotive stores are just fine abrasives which remove a small amount of your car's clearcoat every time you use them. I'm looking for a chemical/...
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Water-repellent windshield coating and automatic car wash: Do they mix?

I want to apply Rain-X a water repellent to my windshield. To make sure the glass is clean first I'm going to run the car through an automatic car wash. I assume I want the cheapest external wash ...
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Car wash after applying car sealant?

I applied car sealant ( amazon link, no affiliate) to my car. After that, I should use only water when washing my car? Or going normal car wash is fine? (I mean, as long as the ...
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Does "laser car wash " use actual lasers?

Just wondering since it's called laser car wash if they use actual lasers to wash the car ?
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Can I use automatic car washes at freezing sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures?

I have often wondered whether it's possible to use automatic car washes at sub-zero (Celsius) freezing temperatures. I believe the water used in the car wash is heated in these cold temperatures. So ...
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How much washing is too much

I wash my car once a month normally.During rains I need to do it more frequently. I have seen it in one of the youtube videos where the person was of the view washing your vehicle too often is bad. I ...
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Do I really need to wash the outside of my car?

Some people say they wash the outside car every week as it makes the paint nice etc Are there any benefits of washing the outside of my car? Do I really need to wash the exterior of my car every ...
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