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Questions tagged [carb-synchronization]

Carburetor synchronization on multi-carbureted motorcycles and cars is an essential component to a maintenance profile and the tune up process. Balancing carburetors effects engine balance and creating a scenario where there is even distribution of power per cylinder.

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What causes the noise when carburetors are out of sync?

When carburetors are not synchronized, the engine does not sound smooth. At first I thought this is because the frequency of each piston is different, but I guess that is not possible, since they are ...
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Motorcycle V-Twin CV carbs riding poorly on 1/4-3/4 throttle after carb rebuild

Background: The bike Suzuki Intruder VS1400 model 2000, ran fantastic, but started to stall on idle when I used old fuel in it. What I did: I cleaned the two CV carbs. Didn't replace anything. I found ...
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What could be causing strange idling behaviour on twin carb motorbike?

I have a pretty old Varadero. It's a 125cc twin-carb v-twin. I open the choke to start it, it starts first time, warms up slowly (10-15 mins), then when I push the choke in, the idling doesn't really ...
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Why does the bike idle lower after balancing carburetors?

I have just balanced my bike's carburetors (they were initially way out of sync). It idles lower and seems to smoke more when I rev it (smells rich). Returning it to it's previous out of sync setting ...
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Motorcycle Four Body Carburetor Synchronization Balancing

I would like to adjust four-body carbs by myself, in order to avoid spent money every time. What are the basic rules, tools and secrets of synchronizing multiple carburetor bodies?
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