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A petrochemical based fluid used to clean carburetors

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Safe product(s) to use to clean spark plug well

What are products that can be used, and which ones should be avoided, for cleaning the spark plug well and seat? eg. brake cleaner, carb cleaner, throttle body cleaner, etc Intention is to clean oily ...
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Water/Solvents sprayed into running intake to clean carbon deposits?

Recently performed a top engine cleaning using seafoam. After reading about this more, learned this isn't new, and variations such as using water instead have been around for a long time. Interested ...
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What causes gel'd gas in float bowl?

The attached picture shows (right float bowl) accumulation after just a week after cleaning and reassembling carbs. Just after opening the bowls, they dried bits seen in the picture were similar to ...
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Advice for cleaning an electrically actuated EGR valve

Intro - skip to TL;DR for the main part of the question... I keep getting P0402 errors indicating EGR excessive flow on a VW Golf IV Variant, 1.6 l, 16V, engine code AZD. When warm, the engine ...
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How can I dispose of the waste products I get from working on my car more effectively?

I have some real challenges disposing of various fluids and consumable objects from working on vehicles at home in my small workshop. Some of the more common things that I want to be able to dispose ...
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Brake cleaner vs carb cleaner vs throttle-body cleaner

So I was spring-cleaning my man-cave/garage over the weekend and came across my assortment of chemical sprays - specifically carb cleaner and throttle body cleaner which caught my eye. Is there any ...
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