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08 GMC Canyon automatic 4l60e won't engage when shifted from park into drive, but will engage if shifted from park to 1st

I have a 08 GMC Canyon 4x4 automatic transmission 4l60e that when shifted from Park into Drive it won't Engage but if shifted from park to 1st it will engage. The transmission won't go when shifted ...
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Accessory coming on randomly and killing battery. GMC Canyon 2007

My 2007 GMC Canyon has had this problem for a couple months. All of the accessories turn on by itself after I have left the truck off and locked. I thought it was the ignition, because when I took the ...
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Broken bolt in intake

I have a "2005" Canyon with a 3.5 I5,the other day I was putting the intake back on and broke a bolt in the intake,I think I have access to the broken bolt thru my wheel well. i have a good idea on ...
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