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2006 Honda Ridgeline timing

The cam moved while trying to get the belt on but when I try and put it back on the timing mark, it must be on a lobe and it keeps wanting to jump backwards about 5 lobes or forwards 5 lobes, this is ...
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How to set valve timing on an engine [duplicate]

I need to redo the timing on an engine i am rebuilding. There are no timing marks and the only thing i know is when should each valve open/close. The engine is a single cylinder diesel engine. It is ...
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How to do a timing job on an engine that only has timing gears

I am rebuilding an engine and i need to fix the timing. The engine doesn't have a chain or belt, just a gear on the crankshaft and another one on the camshaft. The camshaft gear has a mark but the ...
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P0011: unable to fix

Engine: HR12DE Car: Nissan Micra K13 2011 Hello, I’ve been getting a code P0011 (timing over advanced bank 1) and can’t seem to find the root cause. These are the repairs I’ve performed so far: ...
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Importance of marking timing marks on timing pulleys or sprockets when replacing camshaft

What is the importance of marking the timing sprocket or chains or belt, or even using the timing lock on the end of the camshaft when replacing the camshaft, when a new camshaft is attached to the ...
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TDC on DOHC but with cams removed

does it matter when the cams are removed what TDC (top dead center) the crank is at? To my understanding cylinder 1 at TDC with the timing mark lined up, then installing the cams will then set what ...
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Can I rotate a camshaft backwards on a Toyota DOHC engine if no timing belt is installed?

I recently had to change the water pump on my 2002 toyota sienna. Since I was in there I also changed the timing belt. I've done this before on other Japanese cars, but this one involved taking off ...
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CMP/CKP correlation vs Ignition timing Vortec 5.7L

I own a 1996 Chevy Tahoe. It is a 5.7L Vortec with 4 door. The engine is knocking and pinging and the power is sluggish after there were some servicing done and I can see that the CMP/CKP correlation ...
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How to check that crankshaft and cam pulleys are in sync?

I am admitting a bonehead move here so everyone else please don't chime in just to tell me I am an idiot. I know that! I would appreciate any constructive feedback/answers. I had a bear of a time ...
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1987 isuzu pup can't turn main cog for timing

I'm trying to realign my jumped timing I have the crankshaft aligned I just can't get the main cog to turn any further than where its at I have removed the sparkplugs and everything but it still only ...
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How safe is it to advance spark timing?

A popular "mod" to the Miatas engine is to advance the spark engine from the factory 10 BTDC to 14 BTDC, this moves the peak torque earlier in the rpm range and is claimed to also increase horse power....
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High vacuum pressure on idle after timing gear and chain replacement

I just got my 1980 Chrysler LeBaron 318 V8 back from the mechanic, who replaced the timing gears and chain, which were the originals and very worn. Soon after leaving the mechanic, I noticed my ...
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Timing belt issues

I have a 95 accord (f22b2), While driving it shut down. I have tracked the problem to the bolt holding the camshaft sprocket to the cam backing out, losing keyway or woodruff key. So no camshaft ...
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Why are these cam pulleys constructed differently?

I am about midway done with changing the timing belt & water pump on my 99 Toyota, which features a 6-cylinder 5VZ-FE engine. After getting the front timing cover off, I noticed that the passenger-...
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