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Questions tagged [cam-position-sensor]

A sensor that informs the ECU of a camshafts position.

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Can something as simple as a bad o-ring cause complete sensor failure?

About half a week ago my car began stalling out, seemingly at random; at first I thought it might have been an issue of air bubbles in the coolant passing over the coolant temperature sensor - there ...
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P0340 code, even after camshaft sensor replacement [Solved]

I drive a 2004 Honda Civic ex coupe manual with ABS, engine code D17A2 (SOHC, Vtec) I was driving my car and slowly revved up to 7krpm (smart, I realize) and suddenly my car lost power until 3500rpm ...
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Replaced Cam Position Sensor, but car still won't start

2005 Hyundai Sonata GLS shut off and gave code P0340 after replacing the cam position sensor the car still wont start but the code is gone. The car shut off on my son in the church parking lot. I ran ...
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Camshaft sensor reading

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0 6 cylinder Gas I don't know how much of that matters for a camshaft sensor, but for some reason I got urge today to test my camshaft sensor, when I did I got ...
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How stable should the camshaft frequency be?

I just got my first oscilloscope ( Hantek 1008C ) and I was looking at the camshaft signal on my 98 Mazda 626 GF 2L. It uses a two wire sensor. There is a single bump on the face of the camshaft ...
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Golf mk4 v5 cam sensors

I guess I better start with a few details on the car in question: VW Golf IV20 valve V5 petrol engine (2.3L)~157k miles on the clock Now the problem, it feels to me as if the car is down on power, ...
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Would a camshift position sensor cause my symptoms?

I have a Nissan quest 2008, and I have weird symptoms. When I go to start the engine it takes about 5 seconds for it too actually turn. It sounds like it wont start but then it does. The next ...
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How to tell if crankshaft sensor or Camshaft sensor is bad

I have a 2006 Honda Civic I was driving it and was On my way! To my friends shop I mad a turn and it felt like the transmission went out of fear while I was accelerating than while I was trying to get ...
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Why would you need a crank sensor if you had a cam sensor?

The only thing I can come up with is timing belt / chain flex which can cause a very small amount of timing difference. I guess they could detect if the belt was put on wrong, skipped a tooth, ...
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Replaced bad camshaft sensor on '97 Ranger, still won't start

I had an error code on my '97 Ranger that said it needed a new camshaft position sensor, but since the truck still ran fine I put off replacing it. One night I tried to start it, and it fired up for ...
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How Often Should A Camshaft Sensor Switch From Low to High?

I have a 98 Mazda 626 GF 2L with a 2 pin camshaft position sensor. I hooked up to the ecu to monitor it and was wondering how often it should be switching from Low to High. The scan tool is ...
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Why Does a Cracked or Loose Distributor Cap Cause Problems?

Why does a distributor cap that is improperly sealed, due to being either loose or cracked, cause problems such as erratic idle or not starting? Could a loose cap cause problems with an optical rotor ...
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Replacing Cam Position Sensor; any gotchas?

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano. My Check Engine light is telling me that the cam position sensor (bank 1) is bad. I've located the sensors, and they are both readily available and easy to get to. Is ...
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