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can I replace only caliper pistons or just replace the whole caliper?

my front right wheel is getting hot after driving 30kms it has a history of collision on the front right side (previous owner) I've already tried rebuilding using some caliper repair kit but issue is ...
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Should I be liable for the cost of replacing calliper's when the garage couldn't find the issue on multiple occasions?

Our family car had the brake pads and discs replaced in December, about a month later they started to make a strange sound when you pressed the brake pedal - not every time, sometimes much more than ...
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Brake caliper wont go back on on the drivers side

I'm putting new brakes on the back of a 2006 g6 I have done the passenger side but when I went to pit the driver side back together the caliper will not line up right. I can't get the bolts to go in ...
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Change single caliper to dual

I currently have single calipers on the rear axle. Am I able to replace these with dual calipers on each side of the rear axle or will there be issues?
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Caliper Seized First Time Driving After Brake Repair. Whose Fault?

This week, mechanic replaced rear brake pads and rotors after mechanic said they needed replacing. Then, the first time driving it (just a few days after the repair), the rear right tire smelled ...
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How big a difference is a 0.25mm thread pitch on a bolt?

I've ordered 2 new caliper carrier bolts but they won't arrive today as I needed. I've found a high tensile steel bolt of the same length and width but a difference of 0.25mm thread pitch and yes it's ...
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Brake caliper guide pins slide differently. 08 Camry Hybrid

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Replaced my rear brakes and rotors myself for the first time this weekend with some youtube guides. Went pretty smooth aside from having to hammer the old rotor off. When ...
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New front right caliper locking up

The front right brakes had worn down to bare metal on my son's 2012 Journey Crew. While installing new brake parts I could not push the pistons back into the caliper, so I purchased a rebuilt caliper....
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2 answers

Rattling noise after break pad, disk and caliper change

I own a BMW 3 series 2008 318i. I got my rear break pad and disks changed as well as the caliper changed on the rear left 2 days ago. A day later driving home i noticed rattling noises coming from ...
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2003 crown Vic problems with burning smell

When I drive the car for a period of time the driver side front tire area releases a burning smell and occasionally white smoke will billow up from there. Now the car was owned by my great grandma ...
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New caliper will not close

I'm doing my first ever brake job. Front brakes on a 2012 Kia Sedona. New pads, rotors, and calipers. I'm struggling on the first one because the caliper will not close with the outside pad in. It'...
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I damaged a caliper slide pin bolt, should I replace the whole pin?

When replacing the brake pads and discs on a 2006 1.3 Suzuki ignis I damaged a bolt which fastens the caliper onto its mounting bracket. The bolt was stuck on and I thought it probably needed ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Do I need to replace both front calipers because of a snapped bleeder valve?

Vw cc 2010 2.0l sport I accidentally snapped the passenger right caliper bleeder valve while I was flushing my brake fluid. A shop wants to charge me $670 to replace both calipers and the fluid. They ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Brakes smoking overheating and car shaking

So I changed my front brake pads and had problems pushing in the passenger side piston. I eventually got it and everything on it started shaking. The passenger side was super hot, so I figured I had a ...
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2 answers

Cannot open Caliper bolt

I am replacing new rotors and break pad on my Honda Accord 2001 EX. However, I can't open the caliper bolt. Successfully change 1 front rotor but other Front(17mm) and one rear(14mm) is not budging ...
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Seized Calipers That Move - Worth Keeping?

I have a 2009 Honda Civic Si. I took off the left rear caliper and found it to be really difficult to push in (it wasn't moving at all at first), as compared to the right rear caliper. Yes, I used a ...
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2016 Honda Accord Sport

I have a 2016 Honda Accord Sport with 7,000 miles. Recently, I put the car in reverse and she was stalling like the emergency brake was on. Then all the way home as I drove it was like something was ...
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Anything wrong with this custom brake caliper design?

I'm designing a modification to existent brake calipers that doesn't come with parking/hand brake. One method that comes to my mind is to add a lever with a lobe, anchored to the caliper body, that ...
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