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1997 Toyota Corolla, Hot Air Blowing into Cabin (non-AC model)

We have a base model (no AC, no options) manual 1997 Toyota Corolla that we are trying to keep alive long enough to teach the kids how to drive with a clutch. Whenever there is airflow into the cabin (...
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Will a 63 silverado cab work on a c10 frame?

Working on a 63 build I have a custom frame that has 63 c10 mounts but I've found what the vin identifies as a 63 chevy silverado and I'm wondering if the cab will use the same body mounts as the c10? ...
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Odourless, invisible fumes in cabin

I have a deisel 2012 Volvo C30. Previously, I could smell fumes coming into the cabin and I got it fixed. I cannot smell anything but I am still concerned I might be getting fumes inside because if I ...
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Air control system in cabin

2016 Air distribution functions fine on passenger side. Drivers side only blows hot air. Have not tried anything yet. Want to make sure I am looking at correct component.
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Chevy Equinox Cabin (Interior) Temperature Sensor

Does anyone know the location of the Cabin (Interior, NOT ambient) Temperature sensor? This is for a 2012 Chevy Equinox 2.4L LT2. TIA Scott
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How to/is it safe to close/seal car vents?

This is a different question. The other is specifically asking about the use of vinegar to clean a hvac system. This question is not about vinegar, it is about how to seal vents and if sealing is a ...
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How might a cabin filter be damaged or improperly installed?

Recently had leaves coming out of my air vents after I replaced a cabin filter so I imagine the old filter was damaged over time or I made a mistake during installation. The fitler is behind the ...
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