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With the weather is getting cold, I have problems starting my 2001 C240 Mercedes

I have a 2001 Mercedes C240. Since the weather has been getting cold lately, I have had a problem starting the car. When I try to start the car, it makes no sound. After several attempts, the engine ...
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Is it fine to use higher octane gasoline than what is recommended on the fuel cap sticker

I've got a 2000 W202 Mercedes C240. It's got a V-shaped, six cylinder gasoline engine. On the fuel cap, it says RON 95 EN 228. And in the manual also it says "Use only Premium Unleaded petrol". I ...
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Mercedes c240 4matic: permanent AWD?

I plan to buy a car (a Mercedes c240 4matic from 2003) with AWD. I heard, all-wheel drive is really good in winter, and maybe on the mountains. But in sommer it's only a waste of gas. The engine has ...
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hard to start to start the car when weather is cold [duplicate]

I have a 2001, C240 Mercedes Benz. Recently i have noticed, when the weather is cold, it is hard to start. I checked the starter of the car and it is working. When i place the electrical key in the ...
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