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Where on the Jeep Wrangler TJ can I tap into the oil line?

I would like to install a By-Pass filter on my Jeep TJ (2004). Where can I put the other end of the tube going into the filter? I have included a diagram illustrating what I am looking for (where ...
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What belt can you use to bypass the ac compressor on a 2003 Honda accord 3.5 6cyl

Not sure if there's even an option. I can't find a bypass pully for it. The way the 03 is set up not sure if there's a way to run a smaller belt.
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3 answers

Jumping solenoid to start scooter

My 125cc Chinese scooter doesn't start with the electric start button. However, when I short the two starter solenoid poles together, the scooter starts fine. I replaced the solenoid itself, but the ...
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Cheapest/right bypass for Avatel 4111L remote start. DBALL or the 556U?

I'm doing my homework before getting professional installation with mail-order parts. I want to install a Avatel 4111L in my 2006 Acura TSX. Avatel (Directed Electronics) Support recommends the ...
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Bypassing the engine immobiliser with a microprocessor?

I have a K13 nissan micra 2014, it comes with a engine immobiliser that has a chip in the key. I am from a Electronics background so excuse any mistakes i make, but would like to be able to start it ...
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