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A bumper is a part of a car designed to reduce damage to the car in the event of a minor collision.

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Lincoln MKX 2013 Front Bumper Mystery

I purchased a certified 2013 Lincoln MKX on 9/14/15. I noticed cracks in the front bumper 2 weeks after purchasing this car. The front bumper has been replaced 4 times since and is still cracking/...
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How to seal / repair large crack in bumper

A car was in a collision and the front bumper is dented inward and cracked, I'm guessing up to an inch wide. Is there a way to either fill the crack with some type of foam? (Sophisticated tools and ...
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How to repair plastic texture?

How can I repair the texture of the plastic? Got a little hit here on my rear bumper.
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fixing a hole in a bumper cover

I have a crack in the bumper cover of my car (photo below) that I would like to fix myself. This is my first car, and I have no prior experience of car body work. Because of this and financial ...
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Bumper squeaking on new car

If I push against the front bumper, near the top of the bumper, I can hear a distinct squeaking noise. I also hear this noise all the time when the car goes over bumpy roads at specific speeds ~ 40 ...
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Reclipping Toyota Fender clips

My Corolla bumper has been partially detached after being lifted by a kerb. I have reattached it fairly well (only the right side was damaged) but there are some clips which won't reattach. I'm ...
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Protect/seal paintless front bumper?

I have a 2007 impreza wagon that I bought used last year. The paint on the front bumper has been steadily peeling away (tried to stop the growth but it looks like a crap paint job was done before it ...
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Do I have to prime plastic bumper?

This is my first time painting my car's plastic bumper and of course I made a mistake. I forgot to put on a layer of primer before the base coat. Now the base coat is already on, should I sand it off ...
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Bumper on 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback

Any advice on fixing a bumper or lifting a sagging one for a 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback? Looking for a cheap solution. Thanks!
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Unable to unscrew stripped bolt in a tight space with no access from behind

I mistakenly stripped the threads in either the bolt hole or the bolt itself and now it just spins freely. And I need to get it out so I can repair the threads. It is the bolt of the rear bumper and I ...
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Repairing bumper scratch

I have scratches on both sides of my bumper. They are invisible while standing. Thus, they don't need to be perfect. Can I fix it myself?
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Is there a way to know the type of bumper

is there a way for me to be sure of the type of bumper installed on a civic 2009 ? Without having to unclip it to look around ? It was bought used and I'm unsure if it's the OEM PP bumper or ...
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What is a screw head with a circle and 3 lines called?

I have a 16 year old Ford Ikon car and that got a kind of weird screws all over (mainly at the bumber). Attached the image for reference. What is this type of screw is called? I don't find any screw ...
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2013 Honda Accord - in your opinion what is causing the paint to peeling on front & rear bumper?

I paid close to $1,000 to have an auto body shop to repaint my original manufacturer bumpers for both the front and rear. When I bought it there were no visible issues with the paint but after about 6 ...
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How to move a wheel arch liner without snapping/breaking it?

Hyundai coupe 2.0 2006. I'm trying to remove a front bumper/access a nut which goes from the edge of the front bumper to the bottom of the wing/fender. I can see you need to move part of the wheel ...
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Chrome Bumper pulled up in 2 spots where tow hook was used to pull it backwards by tow driver

Last year I was stuck in a driveway in snow and Ice and the guy with the truck just hooked their hook and chain to my chrome bumper where its raised enough the back door hardly clears it..I have to ...
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