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Questions tagged [bronco]

Ford Motor Company Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), produced between 1966-1996.

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4 answers

1986 truck running rough and intermittent fault codes. Faulty capacitor?

My 1986 truck is running rough and has fault codes that come and go. I think the electronic engine control module may be the culprit. I removed it and one of the capacitors has odd markings on the ...
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Squeal on start up and turning left

I have an 87 Ford Bronco with a 5.0. There is a loud squeal on start up and when turning left. Not a power steering pump squeal. Much louder. And it's a ticking squeal. Not a constant squeal. The two ...
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4 votes
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Ford Bronco doesn't drive right after front end work [closed]

I just had new upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rods replaced and an alignment on my front end of my 4x4 bronco done. As I drove it further I noticed a grinding sound as I drove. Also,...
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Replaced clutch on '84 Bronco 2, now clutch does not disengage

I replaced the clutch on an '84 Ford Bronco 2 (2.9L). After removing the transmission I found out that the throw-out bearing and slave cylinder were completely destroyed. I replaced both parts and ...
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Ford full sized Bronco front and rear rack diner idea? [closed]

I would love to build my own Frankenstein out of a 68 Ford and Crown Vic, swap their racks for the front, and a Lincoln Mark 8 for the rear. But a good donor body is hard to find where I'm at. What ...
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Trying to purchase correct power inverter for long trip, confused by the specifications

I am going on a long road trip with a buddy soon and I was going to use a power inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of his car so I could use my laptop while we drive. I'm trying to ...
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My bronco is having transmission issues

I have a 1996 full-size bronco with a 351W and an E4OD trans. I’m having to tach up to or past 3k rpm it to shift. It does way better in higher gears and reverse. Also, when i drop it into 1st and 2nd ...
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