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Codes reappear after replacing ABS unit

2001 toyota 4runner V6 3.4l 2wd SR5 ABS, brake & check eng warning lights are still on after replacing the ABS unit. What do I check next?
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1.9 TDI Skoda Octavia estate with Multiple faults

I recently took my Skoda into the main Skoda garage to get some minor issues fixed, such as the cigarette lighter not working in the front for my satnav, a flashing orange coil light on the dash[for ...
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Park Break Cable Sensor

We are developing an autonomous vehicle as a university project. And we want to know if the parking brake cable is broken. I searched this on the internet. But I didn't find anything. Is there a ...
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Girinding noise /sticking breaks even after installing new caliper, rotor and pads

I installed both new caliper, rotor and pads in my 2005 Toyota Camry 2.4 L on the front. Though driver side breaks are making grinding noise. After installation it was ok for 3-4 miles of driving ...
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Rear right drum brake is heating more than rear left drum brake

I've bought a new car (Tata Tiago) in India earlier this year, One day I observed some sound from car and checked that rear right brake drum was heated way more than rear left brake drum. I got it ...
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Toyota Corolla spring sound when braking

My Toyota Corolla is making the weirdest sound when braking (not squeaking). You can see the video on this link: Now, I just went to Kal Tire, they did some ...
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What did I break and what do I need to replace?

My car slid and went over a center divider. I am very new to auto repair, but am wanting to learn and do it myself. Sadly, I am not very familiar with the parts so I can't really say what broke other ...
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Occasional engine break

I am having this wierd issue on my 2013 Ktm Duke 390. This happened 3 times in the last month, never before. On the lower gears usually at 6-7k rpm the bike makes an instant engine break-as if the ...
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