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Referring to the General Motors, Oldsmobile brand, GMT330 platform, which was available from 1991-1994 & 1996-2001 (There was no 1995 model available). This was succeeded by the Buick Rainier and Saab 9-7x.

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Transmission seems to go in neutral when I stop or when starting

I have a 02 Oldsmobile bravada. It is an automatic transmission. When I start the car or come to a stop it will drop into neutral. If I drop it into 2nd it will go and then I can put it into drive and ...
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98 olds bravada sputters when it warms up [closed]

My 98 bravada is fine in the morning when I first start to drive it but after about 20 min or so it starts to sputter and also sputters while it's idling. Does this sound like it could be a plugged ...
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No power to instrument fuse

I have a '94 Oldsmobile Bravada and the digital dash quit working. I found that I do not have power to the instrument fuse but have power to all other fuses in the panel. I can not find an ...
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