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Foot-operated input control device that directs either hydraulic or air pressure to be applied to the braking system.

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Brake pedal sometimes goes to the floor

I am a new driver and for a couple of days when I press the brake pedal, sometimes it sinks to the floor to stop. It usually happens after driving a few miles without braking but sometimes it happens ...
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Moaning sound AFTER the brake pedal is released. 2015 VW Tiguan

I am recently experiencing a weird noise coming from the front brakes (I suspect the passenger side). It only happens AFTER I remove my foot from the brake pedal. The noise would come up after around ...
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Mind blowing issue on my hands ✋ pedal goes to the fl

I have a 2003 Chevy suburban. I'm stumped On this issue with the brakes, now when I 1st encountered this I replaced brake lines Just 2 That were busted Then bled the system Just find out master ...
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Sudden Hard Brake Pedal

I was driving home today when the brake pedal suddenly got stiffen, if i apply the brake suddenly the brake pedal is so hard that it wont go down enough to hold. I checked and find out my brake fluid ...
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Why is my pedal vibrating and making a noise when I start to brake?

need some advice here. I have just gotten 2007 Mitsubishi Galant from relative with some braking problems. When I go to brake the PEDAL vibrates and make a loud noise. I have taken it too the shop a ...
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2004 Toyota Corolla - Brake Pedal Pressue

The other day, I had been driving for about an hour and whilst stopped at some traffic lights, I pumped the brake pedal about 15-20 times, out of boredom. I then noticed that the pedal become very ...
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Changed power brake booster and drum brake rebuild and now the brake pedal sometimes gets stuck down while driving

What I did: I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy that I replaced the power brake booster and rebuilt the rear drum brakes (new brake shoes, springs, and wheel cylinders). I bled the rear drums since I replaced ...
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How do I raise the "biting" point of brake pedal?

The car in question is a 2009 Toyota Corolla, ABS Brakes, Automatic transmission and has 250,000kms. The car is new to me so the service history of brake system is not available. What has been done ...
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on my 98 dakota the brake pedal sticks down i have to pull it back with my foot to release the brakes

The brakes work fine but the pedal gets stuck down and I have to pull it back up with my foot to get it to disengage. I have replaced the brake booster and the master cylinder. And the problem is the ...
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Height difference between brake and gas pedals

Previous car - Chevy Cruze 2013 LT, brake pedal higher than gas pedal (closer to the body) by 3-4 cm. New car - Chevy Cruze Premier RS 2017, brake pedal higher than gas pedal by about 6.5 cm. This ...
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Mixing brake pad materials, front and rear

I have a 2004 Subaru Outback, disc brakes front and rear. Some time ago, I bought some ceramic brake pads (Duralast Max) for the front, and didn't realize I forgot to buy the same for the rear. ...
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2 answers

Can spongy brakes lead to skidding?

I recently flushed my non-ABS motorcycle rear brake line with new fluid using a little hand vacuum pump, but accidentally initially let the brake fluid drop below the "low" marker on the master ...
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Adjustments on brake pedal

My brake pedal has a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch play left to right when I am using it. Is there an adjustment to remove the slack from it? Its a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 5.3 liter.
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Ford fiesta diesel brake pedal hard

I have ford fiesta diesel 1.4. I am facing a problem. Month ago I felt that when i apply brake fast in an emergency pedal got hard. It took some time to get normal. Today when i start the car, feel ...
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Strange brake pedal 'popping' sensation

Yesterday while coming to a stop at a traffic light I know is going to be red for a minute or two I turned off the engine (manual start-stop system in a way), although before coming to a complete stop....
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1 answer

How to correct brake pedal click from the interlock solenoid on a Nissan Titan

I'm familiar with a known issue on the Nissan Titan regarding clicking/popping from the shifters located in the center console. When coming to a stop you can hear a distinct clicking sound. After ...
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Push back /Obstruction feeling while braking

I have 2014 Audi A4 and recently I drove on 1 inch snow and on sleet. I noticed when I tried to brake gently, I felt like something is pushing me back for a sec or two. I didn't feel anything while ...
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Switch from N to D without brake

Will it cause any damage to the engine/transmission if one switches from N to D without pressing the brake pedal? I was driving at about 40 mph when I accidentally switched to N. Then after a while I ...
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Brake lights don't illuminate until pedal is pressed by about 5-10mm

2003 Opel Agila My brake lights do not light up until I have pushed the pedal down by about 1cm. If I rest my foot on the brake pedal, with the brakes applied a little bit then the brake lights do ...
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1996 Ford E350 Club Wagon - Brake pedal will not return

I have a 96' Ford E350 Club Wagon. When I press the brake pedal the brakes work great however the pedal does not return fully. I have bleed the brakes, exchanged all the old fluid, checked the few ...
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Brake pedal is hard to push even after new brakes

The brake pedal in my 06 Pontiac g6 seems harder to push than normal. Since the issue started, I've had the rear rotors and pads replaced, along with a control arm. For the first 10-15 minutes of city ...
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