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A safety light on vehicles standardized as red. A brake light will become illuminated through the use of a vehicles braking system where a switch indicating the use of a brake pedal is actuated to allow the flow of electricity to lights in order to forewarn motorists to the rear of the vehicle that the operator is decelerating.

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Replacing brake light bulb for VW Passat B8

Need some help on how to replace the outer tail light brake light bulb. I know how to disconnect and take out the outer tail light unit on my VW Passat Wagon B8, but no idea how to get ot the bulbs. ...
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2004 Durango brake light fuse

Fuse for brake lights blew so I replaced it, tapped the brakes the lights worked. I then started it up tapped the brakes again no lights. Checked the fuse. It was blown again. Also when I tap the ...
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Ideas on how to strobe existing signal lights

I am looking to create a hazard strobe light effect, similar to that on construction vehicles, by using the cars existing reverse and turn signal lights. I would to do this using Arduino. I am not ...
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2012 Chevy Malibu brake light issue

2012 Chevy Malibu LT 2.4L has no brake lights. When the engine is off, the rear hazards are dim. Engine on and there is no lights in the back. Remove one sided pig tail, the other gets brighter. I've ...
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stop lights on passenger vehicles - how many?

Not counting the third, central light or any additions that are non standard. Most vehicles have two lamps, one on each side on the rear. Some have four lamps, two on each side. Are there any cars ...
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Passat B6 FSI Light/Tail light/ Blinker Diagram

I own an 2006 Passat B6 FSI (150 hp) and I want to have a look on wiring diagram. For me is interesting to know voltage when: Tail ligt is ON Brake is pressed Blinker is ON And what happen when I ...
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2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited turn signals and emergency flashers not working

I have replaced the relay in the dash. Also replaced the combination lever on the steering wheel and also put brand new tail lights in with new bulb sockets and lights. Nothing works. Another problem ...
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Regulation if stop lamps may require an activated ignition or not

Where can I find a regulation for Europe or Germany, if stop lamps may require an activated ignition or not? I saw that the stop lamps of some cars are still fully functional without the ignition key ...
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Brake lights do not illuminate

2006 Honda Civic 2 door coupe brake lights don't work. I've checked all fuses and replaced the brake light switch and still no power to the lights. But when I engage the switch I hear a strange ...
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Why don't my brake lights and rear turn signals work? 2005 town and county

Why don't my brake lights and rear turn signals not written on my 2005 town and country. My hazards and tail lights do work.
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