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Fluid used in the brake system to transfer pedal pressure to the caliper to stop or slow a vehicle. Commonly used types of brake fluid include DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1. A higher "DOT" number indicates a higher boiling point of the fluid.

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2004 Toyota Sienna soft brake woes

Been a mechanic for 20 years now. Wife has a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited AWD. This car has been a huge pain in the neck for me the entire time we have owned it. Great car, sucks to work on. A year ...
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We drained brake fluid from windshield washer reservoir with Dawn and warm water. Any other steps necessary?

On my 2013 Ford C-max, someone poured brake fluid into the windshield washer reservoir after being told the "yellow cap". Quickly realizing the mistake we disconnected the hose from the ...
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Can lack of brake fluid cause wheel leakage

My tuk tuk has wheelleakage this is after fluid reservoir become empty and becomes hot in the wheel
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No brake pressure after Starting the car

I have a 2003 vw golf and i have a brake problem. After i have bleed the brakes and feel that they are working I jump in my cart to start it bu as soon as I do so it just looses all brakes and ive ...
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Clutch pedal hits floor

I have a Kia Soul 2011 with 140000 km on it which I bought used at 130000 km. Since I bought it I noticed that the clutch pedal touches the floor when I press it (but it comes back up) so I checked ...
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Stuck in neutral; throwout bearing still applied?

So, rebuilt a dodge neon. Started driving it and felt fine. Made it about 7 blocks and I hear a light click and then I'm coasting. Still goes into gears just fine, but it seems like the clutch is ...
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Should Prius brake pedal feel firmer after replacing brake pads?

2013 Prius Plug-in I just replaced the front brake pads and rotors. On other cars I've owned, the brake pedal feels firmer after replacing pads. This one does not; there is lots of travel on the ...
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Why won't Jaguar start after brakes failed?

2012 Jaguar XF had 4 pads/rotors replaced and I returned to shop explaining they were less responsive and required extra pressure to stop and to remain stopped. The shop looked at it and said they ...
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