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2012 BMW 118i 'Boost pressure control, plausibility too low'

Car: 2012 BMW 118i, UK spec. 115K miles. Issue: Fault code 120308 - 'Boost pressure control, plausibility too low' Symptoms: Car seems down on power under hard acceleration. Fault usually occurs under ...
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Mustang 2015 v4

Dears, I have a Ford Mustang V4. and I live in Saudi Arabia, and the weather is very hot. Ford recommends full synthetic oil, 5w30, and some engineers here say that it is not suitable for our climate, ...
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Corsa 1.7 DTI no Boost at low rpms

I own a Corsa c 1.7 DTI (Isuzu) engine which is having issues with boost. Problem describe: When i start driving from 0 rmp to 2.5 is going very low.. After 2.5 rpms it will start getting as normal, ...
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Boost control using two valves with a vac and boost reference for wide boost control range

Can someone explain how the above boost control setup would work. The valve on the left uses a vac source applied to the top of the diaphram which would effectively help hold the spring closed at high ...
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OEM Boost control solenoid part number?

In my never ending quest to keep my aging 2004 WRX functional, I’ve started to look into my wobbling boost pressures. One suggestion I heard was that, after hundreds of thousands of miles, it’s ...
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Audi TT Turbo and Dump Valve Issue

I've picked up a 1.8 TT Turbo Quattro which has been fitted with a K&N filter and dump valve by the previous owner. My (basic) understanding of how this works is that it should release the air ...
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02 WRX loss of power/boost

2002 US market Subaru WRX with mods from the PO slowly lost boost over the course of a few weeks. I noticed the boost gauge not climbing as high as it usually does under normal conditions. After a ...
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